I’m still so crazy about this Welly Merck watch. I haven’t wanted to wear a watch for a long time and now I don’t leave the house without it. What’s more is that this awesome watch has easily interchangeable watch straps so I can match them to my outfit quickly and easily.

why I wear my watch on my right wrist

No I am not left-handed. When I still wore watches I would get so irritated because the watch crown used to dig into my wrist.  This irritated me so much that I would find myself taking the watch off and putting it in my handbag. So I decided to wear the watch on my right arm instead of the traditional left. This helped.

Also people that know me know that conforming is just not my thing. So putting the watch on the other side was also a small sort of statement of being different.

The Welly Merck watch actually has a solution for that damn crown digging into your wrist. Instead of the crown in the traditional 3 o’clock position the crown is positioned at  4 o’clock.  This cancels out that irritating wrist digging.

about my outfit

I’m not sure how I feel about this dress. It’s a gorgeous dress and I loved wearing it. It fitted perfectly, but by the time I met up with my photographer it was so creased. So typical linen. But I love the style and the color and the way the watch complimented it.

The clutch is from Stella & Dot. I use these clutches all the time as I don’t always need a big bag with me. I use it to hold my items like phone and purse etc. So when I change handbags I only take this cutie out and put it in the other bag.

The cute scarf is from Hexi Scarfs. It is 100% silk and such good quality.  The print is flamingos so this of course stole my heart.  I incl. a link for my readers to get a $15 discount on this scarf. PURCHASE YOUR HEXI SCARF HERE

Welly Merck special offer

Hey Welly Merck is still giving a discount to my readers. Go onto the Welly Merck website and use code nadisheart15 to get a 15% discount off your purchase. Tip: make good use of this and get a few extra straps to match and personalise your outfits.