By now most of us know the Japanese organizing consultant & author Marie Kondo.

Kondo’s organizing method is known as the Konmarie method. Some of her ideas I can get on board with and I do recommend reading the books if you need de-cluttering inspiration.

Some of her ideas might get one institutionalised

But some of her ideas might get one institutionalised. For example:  thanking a sock? I would be put away if I start thanking my possessions! This may seem like you serving your possessions rather than them serving you, which is total Bs! You don’t thank possessions. They can be bloody lucky you bought them, plus they are dead soulless things.

Moving on…

Part of her method is to only keep items that “spark joy” Seriously feels like a Disney movie plot. If I had to keep only items that spark joy I would walk around naked with a bottle of Dom Perignon all day …

This unrealistic method is driving personal stylist all over the world nuts. When a client says “well I did the Marie Kondo method”  it’s like you tell your doctor “but I saw on Google”…

I do encourage de-cluttering.

But the Konmarie method is causing havoc.
I don’t really care what my clients do with the rest of their possessions, but when it comes to their wardrobe I don’t agree with Marie Kondos method.
It is a dangerous and slippery slope towards the cliché of “I have nothing to wear” and “I regret throwing out that Breton stripe top”

I believe there aren’t many items of clothing that spark joy as a single item. Clothes spark joy when you combine them successfully together.

If you throw out something because it did not spark joy you will get caught up in the cycle of shopping for joy and not with purpose and you will end up with a wardrobe of a clown not knowing or understanding your own style.

This method is the cause of throwing out essential items you need for a complete functioning wardrobe. You end up going back to buy the same item.. Your money wasted and the landfills of clothes that didn’t spark joy is ruining our planet.

I do recommend de-cluttering your wardrobe. It is healthy, but there are better ways to do it.

There is much more to consider when de-cluttering a wardrobe than “does it spark joy”

Here is how I recommend going about it :

Start by clearing out your closet. Leave your closet completely empty. .
Start by sorting your items into piles of keep, throw away or donate 


If they don’t match,
Look worn or don’t fit,

Pick up the items and ask yourself the following:
Does it fit me ? Be realistic get rid of it if it doesn’t fit.
Does it have sentimental value?. Think about it and either hang it back or store it.
When last did I wear it? If you haven’t worn it for over a year then it may be time to let it go.
Does it go with at least 3 items I have in my wardrobe?. This is in the direction of what a capsule wardobe is about and this helps so much to mix and match your outfits so that you don’t feel like you have nothing to wear.


Items that are basic and essentials like Jeans and t-shirts. Make sure they are still in good condition.
Items you had to sell an organ to be able to afford. Those classic items will come back again and vintage is bigger now than ever.
That LBD because you never know when you will go to a formal event again and you might need it.

Donate or resell

Items that don’t fit or items that after 2 years hanging in your closet still have tags on. 
Items you havent worn for over a year.
Donate dreadful items with holes etc. to your rubbish bin.


Buy new hangers – it just looks so much better. Categorize your items, jeans with jeans and colors with colors. Arrange all items to face the same way. Keep only the items you will wear for the next 3 months in your closet. Store the other seasons away.

Consider implementing a capsule wardobe : 

Download my latest capsule guide for free. Use this as a guide on how to get the most out of the items you already own. If this particular capsule guide is not what you feel resembles your style and want a personalized capsule wardrobe guide you can contact me directly on my website and we can work on one for you together that you feel is more you.

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This outfit is outfit #13 of my Summer Capsule wardrobe Guide. A very everyday easy going outfit. There is nothing special about this outfit, but its an easy go to outfit that doesn’t take too much thinking. It is an outfit that if you wear the clothes that fit nicely and that are good quality you can look sophisticated and feminine . As long as you buy good quality items you will be able to wear this outfit next season again. I love Breton stripes don’t you? It is a essential item for any Capsule wardrobe because it essentially goes with most things. Actually any wardrobe should have a Breton stripe top. I paired it with platform white sneakers as I suggest in my Summer Capsule Guide. But just to also show you that this easy outfit can work with shoes you already have in your wardrobe I paired the outfit with my Alexander Wang slides . For the cooler summer days you can carry a knit pullover with you or a denim jacket.

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