fashion tips



Sometimes I wear something and I look at the photos and think why did I think that would work? But this is good. It teaches me about my style and also in my profession as a stylist it shows me what works and what are just shitty wardrobe choices.

I am a creative person and so I always experiment with my style. Sometimes it’s a total fail, but sometimes I have to say I really like what I tried here.  So I totally believe in experimenting with your style and with fashion and sometimes being a little daring, expressing yourself. Here are some tips for when you want to experiment with fashion.

    1. Stick to the guidelines of dressing for your body shape.
    2. Stick to colours that suit you.
    3. The clothing item should fit you – fit is everything when it comes to style.
    4. Go to pinterest and create a board of the styles you like. This would really help you to know who you are and what your style type is.
    5. For heaven’ sake please iron your clothes!  I actually travel with a travel steamer because clothes that are wrinkled are just plain common! I have seen a blogger showing of a style of a blazer and the blazer looks like it comes from the lost and found section. I mean, like it’s been lost for years … It made me lose respect and intrest in this particular blogger. No, no, no! Iron or steam your clothes, have some pride. There is nothing endearing about a creased anything … we carry hair irons where ever we go so why not steam irons ?
    6. If dressing sexy is your thing – choose a short skirt or cleavage, not both.
    7. Consider the occasion and the person/people you will meet up with.
    8. If you are going to spend good money on a brand, buy a statement piece. When you go for a black bag because it’s the safe choice, the bag doesn’t stand out and doesn’t go with everything. A statement brand bag will go with everything. When you spend big bucks on something you have to justify it by wearing it all the time.
    9. Experiment with accessories – detail is everything
    10. Have fun, have confidence
    11. Always wear clean underwear with no holes … you know for in case you are in an accident and the ambulance has to come and fetch you and take you to that farm where our animals goes to when they get old…

Hey I break these rules sometimes and you know what, I look terrible then. Yes, anyone of us can look good in a rubbish bag if it is clean, not wrinkled and fits well ! For sure.


I love plaid in Fall and in Winter. It’s a cozy fashion item that livens up your winter wardrobe. I bought one from ZARA a few years back and then didn’t buy for a couple of seasons opting to wear the same one. This year I saw this plaid shirt dress and loved it instantly. I justified buying it because I have been a good girl and wore my old ZARA plaid shirt for many seasons. This lace / tull slip dress I bought for fashion week. I wanted to style the plaid dress a bit differently and creatively so this happened to be there and for me it certainly brought something different to an otherwise plainish plaid. Beret is from Seeberger. Sneakers – dad sneakers are so in right now. I spoiled myself with these cuties from Louis Vuitton.  These glasses from Marc Jacobs are old. I still love them they are actually one of my favourite pairs . Retro glasses are so in right now.