With every season comes the perpetual question to stripe or not to stripe? Without fail season after season we ask ourselves & turn to the fashion Mags for advice on what print would be the safe go to print for the season.

To stripe or not to stripe

There is floral print, gingham, tartan, leopard print and then there is stripes. The most classic of them all. The one that suits all seasons and all ages.

Stripes are the most reliable print

Good news is that with stripes you can never go wrong. Stripes will always be in. This is proven year after year, season after season on the runways. No matter the season, stripes are staple classics. Ralph Lauren is one of the big brands that are know for classic stripes in their designs. Vogue colleagues, Meredith Melling and Valerie Boster, set up the brand La Ligne inspired by stripes.

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So on those days you don’t know what to wear and you feel like something different but not too out there try stripes!

About my outfit

I chose to style my old faithful Gucci T- Shirt that I must admit was such a good investment. I wear it all the time in so many ways. It made me purchase less print t shirts so the money I saved on trying to look for that IT t shirt that we all should have, paid for this t shirt by it self.

The stripy skirt is from Mango. I loved it because it has a very casual walk by the lake feel, but could also work for beach holidays. Such a charming fun colour don’t you think?

The belt bag you have seen many times already. It’s from Tory Burch and I purchased it many moons ago. Kept it in the back of my handbag closet for a long long time. As we know by now, trends always seem to make a round circle a little different but in the end the vintage items are the most coveted. So actually in my experience buying expensive return trend items that you are okay with burying alive for a few years is actually a good investment.


I am so crazy about this scarf that it made me search for more creative scarfs. So far this one is the best one I have found but I am wearing it so much that I might need to get another one. Look how it classes up a Net bag. You can get the Scarf from Milk Copenhagen here.

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