It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but not always necessarily the happiest. We sometimes unnecessarily put ourselves under immense stress during this time.

Here are some tips for dealing with Christmas season stress.



This can occur in the best of families. It has been a long year and things happened. Loads of things. Many family members hold on to grudges, sides has been taken, lines has been drawn and things has been said. Everyone has an opinion. With so many opinions flying around it is hard to imagine that we are all really going to agree and have peaceful dinner tables. So agree to disagree, let bygones be bygones and leave it at that.

When these conversations come up change the subject to a lighter topic, randomly compliment your aggressor or to simply excuse yourself to go to the restroom.


Hey you know what ? I buy myself a Christmas and a birthday present every year.  I totally love giving, don’t get me wrong. Giving is one of my hobbies and also I get so excited for giving that I can hardly hold out to Christmas. But I have learned not to neglect myself. After all I know best what I want.

During this time I often go and hide from the chaos that is called family.  I need my space and time to regroup to deal with the madness and everyone talking at the same time again. I make no excuses for wanting me time.


As great and exciting as Christmas can be it can bring up feelings of nostalgia or painful memories of people that are no longer in our lives. And you know what its okay. Give yourself a break.You are allowed to be sad and cry for your lost loved ones. It’s okay not to smile the whole time. You don’t have to fake it for the sake of others. Give your heart the outlet it need to cope with this time of the year.

If you want to be alone with your thoughts that is also okay. If you are with family and want to talk about your loved one that has gone, that is also okay. We often think people don’t want to feel uncomfortable with our feelings of loss. But actually our family and friends want to be comforting us. They want to help us deal with that missing place at the Christmas table. Everyone is thinking it, so we might as well have a toast and not forget that person that is never far from our thoughts.


When family comes over it can be stressful. If you already had a lot to deal with this year you might want to just have a relaxed Christmas. But you are too guilt ridden to say no. So once again you take on the task and your house looks and feels like Heathrow. It is totally okay and everyone would understand if you say “No not this year.”

There could also be some pressure to attend functions and parties and, well you can only cut yourself up in so many pieces so it is also totally okay to decline. Go only to the ones you really want to. Don’t feel obliged to attend them all because of other peoples expectations. Life is too short to put yourself into unhappy or boring situations.


I try not to purchase crap just for the sake of it. We get into this frenzy that everyone has to get something and then to think of what a certain person would like drives us nuts. We spend too much money and time on gifts and often they don’t even like them.  Get something cute to the kids. For the adults – don’t feel pressured. We already have too much anyway. For some I do gift, but I collect things during the year that I know they would love. So this way when Christmas comes I have way less stress. I also purchase a few bottles of wine and boxes of chocolate. This I keep on the side in case there is someone I feel in a moment of thankfulness I want to gift. I decide this as I go along .


This is a real problem because I can really stuff my face. When you are with family and out of your routine you can easily fall into the binging trap. I fear Christmas holidays for this reason. I always end up putting on weight. I eat all the snacks that are put in front of me because for some reason I can not hold myself back. I go for seconds all the time. I inhale food like I am never going to see it again. And Christmas time is usually a time where the cocktails, champagne and wine are flowing. So with all these yummy refreshments I end up having to work all year to get rid of all the holiday fat. Why can I just not tame myself and say no? How does one do this anyway ? Eating is so much fun. I usually skip breakfast. But during family holidays it’s a tradition to sit together and have a big breakfast. I will be the rude one that sleeps past breakfast…


About my outfit.

This  H&M Frenchie cliche top is one of my favourite buys this season. I wear it all the time. Its classic, classy and was only 29€. Under the top I am wearing a turtle neck pullover from Steffen Schraut. It is a very thin top so I don’t overheat, but it’s warm enough to keep my body and neck warm. Instead of folding back my sleeves I choose to pull it a bit more over my hands. A little bit of warmth for the hands, but also I like that it highlights the laying look with the Frenchie top.

I added another layer with this faux fur scarf from Forever New. A gift from a friend. But this cutie has been in my wardrobe for awhile now, so I am not too sure if you will find it anymore, but maybe something similar.

This Ralph Lauren cross body bag I transformed into a belt bag. I actually bought it to use in Summer.  White bags and shoes are super in fashion now in winter too. So do grab yourself some white accessories for brightening up your winter wardrobe. How cute is this skirt from the brand The Editor ? I find it so playful and colourful. I really am trying hard to stay away from dark colours this winter.

The boots need no introduction. I am surprised that I still find so many ways to integrate them into my outfits.

I accessorised with some bling mixed from Zara & some from Stella & Dot, layering necklaces and stacking rings.

Layering in Winter

With regards to layering winter clothes: I suggest sticking to the same colour scheme, but layer with slightly different tones of the most neutral colour and then also mixing different textures. Here for example I found the most neutral colour in the skirt which was an off white. So the Frenchie top is a soft texture with cream coloured top. The turtleneck is an egg white with a more rib knit.

With a white bag white boots would ideally tie the outfit together better. But these Fendi’s works well.

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