Let’s face it, we all love to be complimented on our outfit. We love the “oh wow I love this dress and the way you made it your own” remarks. Or “where did you buy that?” Getting stopped on the street and being complimented on your outfit is such a confidence and energy boost  . . . red bull cannot compete.  We can’t always follow trends as this can become an expensive exercise because these days trends change almost weekly.  So what can we do to transform our outfits? How can we freshen up old outfits? How can we individualise a dress from ZARA that many other girls also own?

one word . . . ACCESSORISE !  Think “Statement”.

It really is as simple as that. Adding a new statement accessory to an old outfit can make the outfit and really freshen it up.

Be creative and daring. Buy that one thing that you think “well this is not really me but I like it”, that thing that stands out from the rest of your stuff . You want to try it but you are uncertain of your choice. You think “will I ever use it ?” or a friend vetoed it and you lost confidence in your daring choice. Trust me, when you get your first compliment on it you will use it over and over again and you will get out of your same – same but different box.

About this outfit

Everyone needs a good quality, crispy white blouse. I bet you already have one. If not you should have one, and spend a little extra, get a good quality blouse. The Milk Copenhagen Margot Blouse is what I call a good quality, crispy white blouse. What is different about this blouse? I love the Mandarin collar. It breaks away from a traditional everyday collar. A Mandarin collar stands up straight, encircling the neck and was usually worn to display social rank and express a lavish lifestyle. For 54€ you can own the Margot Blouse.


Now when I say THINK STATEMENT this is exactly what I mean.

I looked for that something special and different. I found it at Milk Copenhagen. (I’ve been really busy on www.MilkCopenhagen.ch site lately okay LOL!) The Lulu scarf priced at only 33€ is mid priced range and really excellent quality. It is that something extra ordinary I was looking for to add to my accessory collection. Also I was looking for a silk scarf in particular because I wanted to try a new accessorising idea. I wore it as an armband, but of course it looks great as a traditional neck scarf too. It transformed a normally ordinary outfit to something classy, different and eye catching. The compliments and positive remarks for this look were plenty. But actually it was just the silk scarf on my wrist that transformed the look. Such a simple statement piece that can change a whole outfit.

There are so many  creative inexpensive ways to freshen up and liven up your outfits

My other statement maker was the very colourful Frieda Bag. Because I love Frieda Kahlo and all things Frieda Kahlo, when I saw this bag I jumped on it. There are so many colourful creative inexpensive ways to freshen up and liven up your outfits. Even a everyday outfit  like white blouse and jeans can get some expression with just an interesting creative accessory. Accessorising is how we make an outfit our own.