what did this pretty little brain learn in all this time of trying to take over the world…

The one thing I did learn in my 30 something years of trying to take over the world… is to invest in a gorgeous summer dress every summer . Yip, every summer buy that one dress that you absolutely love but you tell yourself you don’t deserve or it’s too expensive. If you can think of one place you would wear it to, and you feel fabulous when you try it on. If it suits you and fits you like a dream, buy the dress. It’s the investment of pretty you for the summer.  Even if your ugly but clever family has to eat pasta for weeks, buy the dress they will get over it , you will not get over wearing a cheapy dress that you don’t feel that fabulous in and your family eats the poor sheep instead. Trust me, save the sheep. Buy the dress !

A pretty dress doesn’t always have to cost you the whole month’s grocery budget. You can get really pretty dresses for fair prices and then you can class it up with a belt or some gorge shoes.

This year I was really searching for that dress. I mean this pretty little brain of mine was buzzing around websites for hours trying to find the “IT” dress.

When I say “IT”

No 1 I don’t mean a clown outfit that Stephen King would be the designer of, and

No.2 It doesn’t have to be a dress some blogger or influencer consider to be the “IT” dress .

The “IT” dress for summer has to be

The “IT” dress for summer has to be current. Okay so do get inspiration from magazines , bloggers and stylists. Because, well we are talking of the IT dress. But make up your own mind as to which of the millions of dresses out there is going to be your idea of an IT dress. Find a dress that fits perfectly. I mean every seam should sit in the right place and every frill should fall in the right place. When you try the dress on you should feel the “THIS IS THE DRESS” and then sister you wear that dress to death. I’m talking shopping on Saturday with Espadrilles, market day with leather slides,  BQQ with sneakers. Evening out with metallic sandals and parent teachers meetings with wedge heels. You get it, same dress different accessories. Important also is to buy a dress that fits you now. Not one that will fit when you loose weight. I think this is a truth we all know but still somehow ignore…

So maybe for my European babes this article comes somewhat too late as we are slowly saying good-bye to summer now. But strangely I only realised this fashion life hack now as I am celebrating my 1st year of blogging. So for the Southern Half of the world and my South African babes, focus! Start looking for that “IT” summer dress now.


The dress is from SEZANÈ, a French brand which I am now totally in love with. This was my “IT” dress for summer 2018. I had so many outfits, but when I wanted to really feel pretty I would wear this dress. I styled it differently each time. But my favourite way is with my old faithful classic Gucci belt. My “IT” bag this summer was this Claudie Perlot Basket bag. This shape of basket bag was very in this Summer. I used this bag all the time. It just goes with every summer outfit and it was the perfect size and so cute. The brown slides are from ZARA. I would much rather have had the Hermès slides but, well after the summer holidays my soul is sold and none of my organs has grown back yet. I had to love and leave them at Hermès. “next time”