There I was yet again on a plane heading off to my next destination. After falling asleep on the guy next to me’s shoulder and realising that he doesn’t find it endearing or cute I decided to do whatever it takes to stay awake. So I started scrolling through the movie library, the options are sad these days btw.


After scrolling desperately through three or four times I settled for a movie called “I feel pretty” starring Amy Schumer. This movie fascinated me not because it is a great movie… it’s slap stick at it’s best and not really funny, it’s not even stimulating but…

The plot deals with how we as woman often see ourselves in the most crystal clear … unflattering way. Many of us struggle or don’t bother to like ourselves. We think everyone else is amazing, but we can’t see the awesomeness and uniqueness in ourselves. We don’t love ourselves or appreciate the value we have. We see only the flaws in ourselves even when we have exceptional qualities. They are hidden behind our lack of self-confidence we have nurtured for years.

The protagonist experiences feelings of insecurity & inadequacy when suddenly she falls and bangs  her head really hard. She awakens believing she is the absolutely gorgeous and really amazing. In the same body the same girl, same shape, she just believes she is this amazing super hot gorgeous adequate babe. This new found confidence helps her to get the job she actually really wants, the confidence to get the boy she really likes and this confidence attracts another super hot guy.

We feel fat, we feel we have no style, we feel our hair is too thin, too curly, too much, whatever…  you know the story.

I have to go to Pinterest to find my own strengths

When I say we I am very much talking of myself. So often I get photos from my photographer and I refuse to use them. I am my worst critic and enemy and I only see my flaws. I want to write here what I think my strengths are but I would have to go to Pinterest to find them because honestly I have been beating so hard down on myself especially when it comes to motherhood that I cannot tell you one great thing that I absolutely love about myself. Even if I look in the mirror 50 times today I will still not be able to tell you something that I completely love.

What we really need to do to be gorgeous…

This movie, as slap-sticky as it was, opened my eyes to what we really need to do to be gorgeous, and it all has to do with self-confidence. There is nothing sexier than the confidence to be ourselves and to like or even love ourselves. Try it, even fake it… you might just find that you are either loved or you irritate people because they envy your self- confidence even it its faked.

“Fake it till you make it “

I remember once I walked into a casting. I was tired and so sick of the constant rejection of the modelling industry. So I was dressed up for the part as required. I went through the process of the casting and as I left the casting director told me “Great, maybe we will see you again.” I turned around and told him very firmly, yes you will because I am going to get this part. I did get it! I sometimes have to remind myself of that experience. Maybe my disinterest in going through the casting process just seemed like arrogance to him and when I turned and told him he will see me again I didn’t really believe it. I was just so tired of this rejection process, but when I heard my voice saying it at that moment I kind of believed myself. He must have too.

I’m not great at business and many other things and I’m not going to pretend to be because I have no interest in this, but what I will do is fake it till I make it in the things I have interest in and love. And in the meantime rediscover what I am actually freaking awesome at. I also want to practice loving myself more.
God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Girls do yourself a favour, watch this movie. Like I said not great entertainment, but also not too boring because it has a little bit of truth to it that we all need to see.

About my outfit

On the Autumn / Winter Fashion week runways we saw a lot of mixed prints and oversized scarfs used for layering. My jacket is from Maje, one of my favourite brands at the moment. Maje is expensive, but most of their pieces are investments. Oversized scarf also from Maje. Cowboy boots are a big winter trend. Mine are from Fendi, a Christmas present from my Hubby. He doesn’t know it yet. But on some level he should… The Louis Vuitton bag is an oldie. This is just an example of how classic handbags like these are an investment.  Jeans are from Drykorn. I try not to spend too much money on black jeans because they wash out so quickly.