In our wardrobes we often have so many unnecessary pieces that we have hardly ever worn or never will wear. We have to learn to buy the essential pieces and spend good money on good quality that would last. Buy less but buy better quality.

I have a couple of white button up blouses. Different cuts and different fabrics, they are go-to pieces and always look good. A white button up blouse is a wardrobe essential and every girl should have at least one good quality white button up blouse in her wardrobe.

TRY THIS : Go fetch a pair of trousers that you never wear and may be even thinking about getting rid of. Now creatively pair it with a white blouse. You can add a scarf for some wow effect.

If you are a member of my members only site you can go to the downloads and download “8 creative ways to wear the classic white button up shirt”. Some fresh ideas on outfits that you can put together with a white button up blouse.

Do you know the other wardrobe essentials ? Let’s get together for a Personal Stylist consultation and I will help you get all the wardrobe essentials in your wardrobe. Download the Essential Wardrobe check list here.