I guess the time to stop wearing crop tops has arrived for a mother of a teenager in her late 30’s . . . it’s just that I cannot let go of this fun fashion trend. If there is one thing I obsess about more than owning a Fendi bag, it’s having a flat stomach. So let’s talk about crop tops in your 30’s…

Fashion do’s & don’ts

So roast me if you must, but as long as I can pull in my tummy I will probably be inappropriate for my age and wear crop tops. I feel that there are all these fashion do’s and don’ts for woman when we turn a certain age, and really I cannot wrap my head around some of them.

What about being politically correct . . . hello???

I am going to claim political correctness and say that I identify as a 20 something girl and so I am justified when I still wear crop tops. What would the pronoun be for someone identifying as 20-ish ? Let us invent one but fast! Oh and also please lets have a parade for this too! I love parades!

I have always loved crop tops. They are fun and when I wear them I feel a little bit younger than the me that woke up this morning and looked at the person in the mirror who now has crow’s feet and laughing lines. And yes, sadly there are even some grey hairs?? So unexpected it’s scary . But I guess with grey hairs comes wisdom and also not giving a damn!  BLEHHH!

30’s – Inappropriate wise choices

There are three things that cheer me up when I feel old . . . wine (of course ) bestie chats (with wine of course ) and a crop top preferably with a glass of wine. I feel now that my 30’s are so much better than my 20’s because you can still be a tad inappropriate but you also have some life experience on your side so your inappropriate choices are much wiser!

Every summer I have this battle: should I try the crop top thing or should I lay it to REST IN PEACE? But I always find myself attracted to show a little midriff and believe me this lazy ass does not deserve a flat stomach. Maybe it makes my day that I can wear a crop top and my stomach is for once not bloated or a layer of winter fat is not bulgding over my pants.

I know I probably break a big style rule by still chasing this trend. But I do it anyway. I will wear sunglasses to hide the crows feet . . . I guess my give-away is  when I tell a younger person to take their feet off the table…

I think that we should of course be responsible and know when a trend is a big no no and where to draw the line. But sometimes we should also just be allowed to not give a shit and do what we want to do just because life is just so damn short and then it’s over.

About my outfit

This fun cherry top is from Mango. Gingham pants are from Gap