Do you also find it hard to find the perfect bikini or is it only me? With so many brands that promise the perfect bikini it just still seems like it’s trying to finding a needle in a haystack. But when we know what our body types are finding the perfect bikini gets a lot easier.

I have broken down the bikini body into two parts. We can have a certain body type when we are getting dressed but when we wear swimsuits the game changes a bit. Even though we might have a similar body type our booties also comes in all different shapes and sizes. That is why J-lo can look awesome in a bikini and we might not look so fab in the same bikini. The bikini is not made for our body or booty type but J-lo’s stylist got her the perfect Swimsuit for her body type. 

The good news is that no matter what your body and booty type is there is a perfect swimsuit out there for you!


First I will go to through the body types.

This will give you an idea of what Bikini top is best for your body type.

Skip over to the part that represents you most. If you are not sure of your body type you can download this worksheet . This will help you establish your general body type.


Curvy or Plus Size or Bigger in the middle

Bigger at the bottom – Small breasts

No Curves

Bigger on Top

Bikini- top tips


Then there is the booty…

When we are wearing swimsuits we have booties to deal with. Booties can not just be grouped into the 4 general body types. So I have given you all the booty type options and what bikini bottoms would flatter your booty best.

What is your booty type?



What is the best Swimsuit for your body & booty type?


Halter-neck bikini tops (also known as fixed triangle) or thicker straps would be most supportive . Find a top with an underwire or good support structure so the breasts are lifted and supported. If you have saggy small breasts try get a cup that is a little padded and that has support.

If bikinis are not your thing and you prefer a one piece remember that structure and support is important. If the swimsuit has a little belt for decoration it is a great way to accentuate your waist.

NO NO! for Curvy or Plus size or Bigger in the middle look at the images below. These two bikinis are good examples of what not to wear. Because the tops are not supporting the breasts, the breasts droop. The bottoms are non-committal and unflattering to the waist. It just looks sloppy and unflattering. 

Shop Curvy, Plus size or Bigger in the Middle Swimsuits

Okay now find out what is your booty type…



Bigger on the Bottom – Small breasts

This means you have got more going on below than at the top. We need to even it out so it looks balanced. Push-up, padded and frilly bikini tops are the way to go. Balconettes with half cuts and half cuts with plunges will create a nice cleavage. Stay away from thick strap triangle halter neck bikini tops that will overwhelm your bust area.



Shop small breasts bikinis

Okay now find out what is your booty type…



No curves

This boyish – sporty body can get away with so many bikini styles. No big breasts that might sag or big booty that needs more coverage .

Shop Bikinis for No curves


Okay now find out what is your booty type…


Big at the top – Bigger breasts, smaller bottom

Maybe you are not plus size but you are bigger at the top than at the bottom. This is one of if not the hardest body types to find the perfect bikini. I have a D cup and I struggle to find tops that are supported but not padded. The last thing I need is more padding.

Like for the curvy girls I suggest a strong structured supported top with strong straps. Rather a bra type cup than a triangle bikini with no support. No frills or tassels or unnecessary details at the top… you have enough going on there already. Halter neck tops are also a good option.

Shop Big on Top bikinis



Okay now find out what is your booty type…


BIKINI TOP FIT TIPS: Buy a Bikini top in your bra size or a cup smaller. Your breasts should be away from you waist. They should be part of your torso and not your belly. They should not droop or pop out of the bikini. That is not sexy. They should have some serious support. Make sure the top fits snugly but not so tight that your circulation is cut off. SHOP AT : FIGLEAVES I highly recommend fig leaves for bikinis and bra’s for bigger breasts. they have an excellent beautiful selection.


Flattering the bottom Bikini solution

It is hard to establish the correct bikini bottom for the 4 main body types because booty’s are just so different. Better to establish what your booty type is to determine what bottoms would flatter your booty most.

Choose your booty type

*Curvy   *Love handles & a Muffin Top

*Wider Booty

*Athletic Booty   *Plus Size     *Droopy booty

*Bigger in the middle   *Big Booty   *Flat booty   *No Booty

*Heavy in the cheeks   *No Curves -small booty   *Round




For these booty types a high waist bottom is perfect. The high waist will cover the tummy and also focus the attention to the smallest part of your waist. For the droopy booty a high waisted bottom gives the illusion of a perkier booty.





If you are wider at the bottom that at the top and if your hips are wide the hipster bikini bottom will balance out your body shape.

If you have love handles and a little muffin top go for a hipster style to eliminate the bikini biting into your skin and accentuating your muffin top and pressing into your love handles.

For an athletic body add curves with a hipster cut.



Side Ties

For a bigger or “heavy in the cheeks” booty a side tie will give you as much coverage as you choose.

Side ties also give you the option to adjust the bottom so it can fit snugly and give your booty a lift. The side ties also focus the attention to the sides, taking attention away from the heavy cheeks.



Brazilian Cut

If you have a small booty or no booty at all a Brazilian cut will give you the illusion of that heart shaped booty. And fun fact for a fuller round booty less material is actually more flattering for your booty.


Have any questions ? Feel free to ask them in the comments below .

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