We all know that we should protect our skin, especially our faces from the sun. When I go out in the sun I always cover my face, décollatage and my shoulders with sunscreen .

But I am not a huge fan of sunscreen

The reason I am not so keen on sunscreen is because well number one most of us have a deficiency in vitamin D and sunscreen prevents you from getting your dose. No 2. I have read too many articles and heard too many podcasts that explain how damaging sunscreen can be to your health. The chemicals gets absorbed into your bloodstream and cause all kinds of damage. In some cases wearing sunscreen can actually increase your risk of skin cancer, rather than prevent it.

Two SLY ingredients


This hormone disrupting chemical ingredient gets absorbed by our skins and mimics oestrogen. In short, sunscreen that has this ingredient can cause men to get man boobs and woman to pick up weight faster. It has been linked to all kinds of hormone issues like early puberty in girls, low sperm count in men and all kinds of hormone related cancers.

One could argue that there is so little of this ingredient in the sunscreen that it should not affect us because usually only big amount of toxins is dangerous. But when it comes to the hormones of women it is not true.

Oxybenzone is also used in products like nail polish and hairspray. This chemical product gets absorbed by your skin and who knows how long it stays in your system causing all kinds of havoc. Funny how people are so anti vaccination but don’t think twice about looking at the ingredients in everyday products like sunscreen ….

Despite being rated as one of the most toxic ingredients in cosmetics it is still in most sunscreens.

Retinol Palmitate

Studies has shown that Retinol Palmitate (a form of vitamin A) when combined with the UV Rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. Vitamin A has been proven to have some great anti ageing qualities but should not be used on your skin when you go into the sun. But surprisingly most sunscreens have Rentinol Palmitate as an active ingredient.

Vitamin A comes in many other forms and we can also get it in our diets. So to avoid getting too much vitamin A we are advised to look at the cosmetics we use and try and avoid using too many products that contains this ingredient. When you are using Vitamin A products you are advised to do it at night and stay out of the sun while using these powerful ingredients.

So what is the answer ?

Well you can make your own sunscreen. But most of us have don’t have time for this. So the next best thing is to choose carefully what you put on your skin.

The good news is that there are brands out there that offer protection and are free of these harmful ingredients.

After I listened to a recent podcast and read some articles about the bad effects of sunscreen I researched numerous sunscreens. Caudalie came onto my radar recently, when the brand launched their environmentally friendly sunscreen range.

I got in touch with them and established that their sunscreens contain neither oxybenzone nor rentinol Palmitate. So many brands, great brands, household names we trust, contain these harmful ingredients. They make no effort to exclude these ingredients because consumers aren’t educated about the negative effects of these ingredients.

Okay so Caudalie does not contain these proven to be harmful ingredients, ingredients that are in 90 percent of sunscreens, but does it effectively protect against sunburn?

I decided to test Caudalie on my recent trip to Greece


It also comes in 50 SPF

I love sun tanning. I want to be brown but I don’t want to pay the price of the red lobster burn so I usually use a low SPF sunscreen on my body so that I can still tan a little and get brown slowly. That is why I used the 30 SPF.

I loved the spray. It is so easy to apply and not oily or sticky like many sunscreens out there. Why are these sunscreens so oily or sticky ? Have you ever thought about this?


Also comes in 30 SPF

For my face I used the 50 SPF. I want to be sure to really protect my delicate facial skin and décollatage from the sun. I went out for the day without a hat. This is something I usually wouldn’t do when I know I will be in the sun all day. But I wanted to test the product. I had perfect protection. No sunburn or any signs of uncomfortable sun damage.

The cream is not oily and sticky and did not cause any breakouts, which usually happens when I use some sunscreens on my face.


For once I did the responsible thing and researched what I am putting onto my skin. It is a good brand that has safe ingredients.

I have to be completely honest and play open cards… the brand is cruelty free in Europe. But unfortunately the brand gets exported to China and the Chinese law requires animal testing. Thus in China when cosmetics are sold there it is a certain fact that when the brand gets imported it will be tested on animals in China. Most cosmetic brands are exported to China. The silver lining with big brands like Estee Lauder and Loreal etc. being in China is that they are putting pressure on the Chinese law for compulsory animal testing to end. This is an ongoing issue.