A few years ago my sister-in-law gifted me her travel steamer and babbled on about how she only steams her clothes and all the benefits of steaming clothes. I stared at her wishing I had an airplane pillow because this conversation was oh so boring.

Initially I only used the steamer when I traveled, but then I realised that steaming my clothes kept them in better condition and is also easier and faster. I said good-bye to relying on pathetic hotel irons and those shitty thin ironing boards and started my quest to find the perfect steamer. I tried out an array of steamers of all different brands. My sissy in law got me hooked and very sneakily might I add! Now I honestly don’t know how I traveled all those years without a travel steamer.

Just call me the Jehova’s Witness of Steamers

I have tried dozens of steamers. I am a total steamer convert. I am completely convinced that steaming is the way to go, but that said I still got frustrated with all the steamers I have tried for a number of reasons. So I kept on buying and trying new steamers. Not that I was not satisfied with steaming vs. ironing, I was just sure that there were better steamer options out there.

Bare with me, don’t go looking for your airplane pillow just yet…

One day I was walking in a retail store and saw the Steamery Stockholm Cirrus Hand steamer in pink. Now no.1- I am a sucker for pink things. I am a unicorn, flamingo, pink Champagne, pink gin, loving girl – girl. No.2 I was constantly on a quest for the perfect steamer.

I picked up the Steamery and it just looked oh so good in my hand and I could imagine how great it would look among my perfectly packed suitcase for my next trip. And let me just say I am a perfectionistic packer. Unlike my cousin who stays up partying till 5am and gets up late for her flight and then throws everything in her suitcase forgetting half of everything and hoping for the best when she gets to her destination. Btw she always uses my travel steamer on our trips because well, when you just throw in your lucky dress and you have to try and find it under the pharmacy of headache and stomach ache and well anything that can possibly ache pills you bring along, you most likely will need to get some creases out of your lucky dress. I’m shaking my head now…

The Steamery Stockholm: a hidden secret that is about to blow up!

This steamer is incredible! I am excited about how amazingly this steamer functions. It is an absolute dream and I can finally end my quest to find the perfect steamer. I have tried so many and they all had some issue, but the Steamery has convinced me now even more that steaming is the way to go. Having a few grams extra in my suitcase so that I can have my garments looking fresh and professional on my travels is so worth it. Not only is the Steamery the best steamer I have ever used, but the price is ridiculously fair for what you get.

For my travels

I travel a lot and many of my garments need attention after climbing out of my fully crammed 22kg suitcase. Ironing has never been one of my big talents so steaming my clothes is easy and fast. Also many of the garments that cannot be washed, can be steamed.

As a model and a Fashion and Personal stylist

Ironing is hard on your precious garments. If it is something you want to last I would suggest steaming it. In retail stores you will always see steamers standing around because steamers are gentle on clothes and the process makes the garment regain it’s natural shape. Fashion stylists use steamers at photoshoots because they are fast and easy to use, easy to take along to the shoot and gentle on the garments that often have to be returned, looking like new.

Home steaming for a family

I have a professional home steamer for when I want to steam more garments without having to refill the water tank. Also you know those garments lying on the chair in your room… the ones that are not dirty but not exactly clean so you don’t put them back in your closet ? Well steaming them will make them fresh because steaming removes odours and even some stains.

Why steam your clothes?

It is much better for clothes to be steamed. It makes your clothes last longer. You don’t have the risk of burning your clothes, and how we hate it when it happens to our favourite blouse. Some irons leaves stains on your clothes and this sucks because often you can’t get them out again.

Steaming my clothes is actually a bit more fun and there is some satisfaction in seeing the wrinkles disappear effortlessly. Instead of going over and over with the iron the Steamery gets the wrinkles out much quicker without flattening the fibres. Instead the Steamer causes the textile fibres to swell, soften and regain their natural shape.

Certain textiles you cannot iron, but you can steam them.

Steaming also kills bacteria.

If you are not very talented at ironing like me, sometimes burn yourself or your garment and when you are done it looks worse than when you started, then a steamer is for you.

Read more about the Steamery here

You can order your home steamer, hand steamer or travel steamer here

or find them in a retail store near you.

Win a Steamery Cirrus no.2 hand steamer

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Photos by Lisa Trocchi

For the frequent traveler

The Steamery Stockholm Cirrus Travel Steamer is the perfect travel companion. It is small, compact and light.

No more getting frustrated with the inadequate hotel irons or getting your whole dress wet because of that tip that  a friend of a friend’s sister used – steaming your dress in the shower. 

Comes in colours white and black.


More info here

For travel , home or stylists.

Steamery Stockholm Cirrus No.2 Hand Steamer. 

Comes in Pink , black, blue and grey. 

Recommended for travellers, but also for home steaming if you don’t want to commit to or don’t have the space for a bigger home steamer.

This is the perfect steamer to cover home steaming and traveling needs. 

Being a stylist myself and a model, I also highly recommend this to fashion or personal stylists who need to steam items on location. Durable and easy to take along to shoots.


More info here

For the family

Steamery Stockholm Cumulus no.3 Home Steamer 

If you eventually become a steamer convert like me, I would recommend getting a pro home steamer than can steam the whole family’s clothes. With this 1.8 L water tank you can steam garment after garment easily and effortlessly. It’s easy to move and easy to store away.


More info here

For fashion professionals , boutiques , retail stores.

Steamery Stockholm Stratus no.2 Professional Steamer. 

Recommended for professionals like fashion stylists who need to give clothes used for photo shoots back to the store in perfect condition. And also for personal stylists who also often have to return some garments to stores or present garments to clients.

Also recommended for boutiques and retail stores that need to get rid of creases, stains or odours after clients have tried on the garments.


More info here