Being a Music lover I often have sound tracks in my head when I am at certain places or doing certain things or in certain situations. When I went out on the little row boat on the Wägtalersee in Canton Schwyz Switzerland the song by Keane “Lets go somewhere only we know” was playing in my head.

I use to feel that Switzerland is a boring country and it wasn’t even on my bucket list to visit never mind living here and eventually loving it. With my modelling jobs I often travel to different parts of the country and get to see more of this beautiful country. Currently I also have the privilege to work with an awesome nature photographer who loves his country and can’t get enough of looking at it through his camera lens. Juerg has agreed to drag me with him on some of his adventures.

The challenge is to stay fashionable even when I am outdoors

So this unadventurous adventurer is slowly moving out of her Cancerian shell and seeing the Swiss outdoors. I promised myself I would stay true to myself and true to the woman who taught me all about being a lady and about fashion do’s and dont’s. So the challenge is how to make an outdoors outfit look fashionable. I can’t deal with those nylon zip off pants. I just can’t

Somewhere only we know

I can’t remember the last time I went on a row boat. I was lucky because Juerg did all the rowing while I could get lost in the beautiful scenery and drop into my own world where “somewhere only we know” was playing. It was early spring when we did the shoot so it was still a bit chilly and the mountains caps were still covered with snow. But the rest of nature around us was waking up and coming alive after a long, cold winter.

The air was crisp and there was a light wind. It was just so incredibly calm and peaceful and a good place to start the outdoors journey for someone who is not so much the outdoors type. We had a BBQ here and Juerg’s little daughter had so much space to play and just be a kid. It’s not far out from Zurich so it’s an easy place to escape from the city life. Easy and inexpensive to rent a little boat and spend the day on the lake.

This is actually an artificial lake surrounded by mountains which I’m not even going to try name as it doesn’t seem relevant. What is relevant is that the water is beautiful and clean and you could definitely swim here in summer. Or if you are into the Wim Hof method then I guess you have a challenge here in the colder months.


This is perfect for a beautiful escape from Zurich and the Canton Zurich area. It’s about one and half hour’s drive. Bring your small BBQ or a picnic basket and relax here while taking in this  gorgeous view. You can also fish here if that is your thing. Perfect for kids to get a row boat experience or little motor boats are also available for rent. It’s a peaceful place to escape from the city life.

Rent a boat here: Wägitalersee Boatrental


As I knew I would be going on a boat I was obsessing with finding the perfect boating outfit. Something that gives the perfect boating vibe and makes you excited to do the whole boating thing. The perfect outfit can inspire me to even go skiing. The pants are from Mango. They aren’t actually meant to be tied criss -cross like this, but instead of just a conventional front tie I tried something different. The top is actually one of my favourite summer tops which I bought so long ago and still wear. I love the platform sneaker trend and find it so fitting for this outfit. Instead of a hat I found this straw head band from ZARA. Thought it was a cute way to get creative with my hair.  I chose blue stripy pants because it just seems to say Boating Outfit right!