According to the latest Lyst Index report these are the hottest, most wanted and most searched-for brands of the moment! And my opinion on them.

Lyst is the largest global fashion search platform. Lyst lets you search thousands of online fashion stores at once, bringing together 5 million products from 12,000 of the world’s leading brands and retailers in one place. Because of this unique platform they can track sales, searches and social media mentions and can accurately tell us what products are the most coveted and most bought and which trends are the hottest.



This is no small accomplishment. Since they opened their London flagship store in January their sales have sky rocketed and their Alexander McQueen oversized sole sneakers are actually the no 1 hottest product on the Lyst Index of the hottest woman’s products for the 1Q of 2019. When I was looking at buying dad sneakers I seriously considered these. They are simple and clean, yet a bit of a statement maker. But for my style they were not crazy & fun enough so I instead went for the Archlights from LV.

18. Palm Angels

17. Balmain

The Balmain show in Paris was spectacular. There is nothing boring about Olivier Rousteing’s latest direction. But classic Balmain is an absolute must have and on my wishlist. Remember in Paris I made friends with James Goldstein. James has an extravagant Balmain jacket collection. Showing up in a very blingy Balmain is his trademark. Read about my Paris fashion week experience here: PARIS FW 19

16. Yeezy


With all the snubbing (for example Vogue is banned from their shows) and their very politically incorrectness that causes outrage on social media you would think this company might suffer. But it is actually the opposite. The brand is having more and more extravagant runway shows that cost a fortune and with sales up to $1.5 billion a year, I think they are doing okay. Where other fashion houses sell out to share holders and churn through creative directors these two are staying strongly at the helm of their privately owned company. Dolce & Gabbana is one of the last original fashion houses that is still privately owned by the original owners. They launched #DGLimited, a new project that will see a new pair of limited-edition sneakers being released every month on the brand’s website.



Did you know that when brands cannot sell their stock they burn it? Shocking right? Burberry has announced that they will reuse, upcycle, donate or recycle all unsaleable products in the future and pledged to stop using unnecessary plastic by 2025. Burberry is a brand that I firmly believe to be an investment brand. Their pieces are timeless and classy.

11. NIKE

The online search for Nike has gone up by 33%. Not only is Nike now no. 12 on the hottest brand list, but they have also unveiled football kits for 14 national teams ahead of this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup in France. They rule this quarter’s Lyst’s men’s hottest products list with 7 out of 10 products being Nike. And their NIKE PRO HIJAB is the 7th most searched for item on the woman’s hottest products list of Lyst.



Along with Gucci and Katy Perry’s shoe brand, Prada was in hot water recently and branded racist for using “black face” in their accessory lines. According to Wikipedia, blackface is a form of theatrical make-up used predominantly by non-black performers to represent a caricature of a black person. Of course the products were recalled and the companies apologised. But with the huge social media backlash and the outcry by prominent celebs like 50 Cent you would have thought that Prada would have huge losses this quarter. Instead the brand moved up from no. 11 last quarter to no. 6 this quarter and Gigi Hadid was announced as the new face of the brand. In March Prada’s CEO Patrizio Bertelli announced that the house would stop doing markdowns, effective immediately. Prada’s padded or embellished headbands are at no. 2 on Lyst’s women’s hottest products. And believe me I have tried everywhere, this Alice band or head band is always sold out everywhere!


FENDI mourned the passing of its long time creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, in this 1st quarter. But with Jason Moa breaking the internet when he wore a pink FENDI scrunchie on his wrist at the Oscar’s and with the re- launch of the iconic Baguette bag the Fendi brand is standing strong. The Baguette bag is the IT bag right now! I can’t get enough of the fabulous options out there now for the baguette . READ ABOUT THE FENDI TRIBUTE SHOW IN MILAN


For €400 your feet can sing kumbaya in blissfull comfort heaven with Valentino’s spin on the very ugly, but renown for comfort ,Birkenstock shoes. Valentino collaborated with Birkenstock on this and I am not sure how I feel about it, but you know they will be selling out in no time, so it goes…



Surprising me Gucci’s ACE sneakers and the Gucci double G Belt are still some of the most searched and most purchased items. On the Lyst women’s hottest product list the Gucci belt is in 4th place and the Ace sneakers in 8th. Being able to visit the GUCCI showroom in Milan during fashion week was such an experience ! You can read about it here. MILAN FW


At spot no. 1 is OFF WHITE, up one spot from last quarter. I am not a huge OFF WHITE fan so honestly I can not tell you too much about the brand. But what I do know and find insane is that over 4000 people joined a waiting list for Virgil Abloh’s (the CEO of OFF WHITE) reusable water bottle in collaboration with EVIAN.

The good thing about the big brands are that they are all making an effort in becoming more responsible and changing their ways to become more ethical and environmentally responsible. Each brand seems to have taken on a direction to try and make fashion more ethical.