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Did you know that the song “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton was inspired by an actual wardrobe meltdown? Yes we have all been there, even Eric Clapton’s girlfriend Pattie Boyd. Well that doesn’t have to be you anymore. Let’s make it easy! Learn how to get over your style obstructions. Get free capsule wardrobe guides every season to make dressing beautifully quick and easy. Ask my fashion advice. Get your hands on stylist tips and tricks. Get in on the members’ exclusive online workshops & more. Join the members’ exclusive facebook group. For one year you will have access to your own personal stylist at your finger tips.

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Hi I am Nadia, the girl behind NADISHEART

Welcome to my members’ only site! I am so excited to have you join me on this journey of style discovery! Together we will develop your own unique style to become the best possible version of yourself. You will also learn how to make your wardrobe work for you. Your wardrobe might feel like a disaster, but don’t worry, help is here !  Hey, I’ve been there, even Pattie Boyd  has been there. I have worked through this myself & helped many clients too. And I get it now. With study and experience the knowledge I have acquired gives me a clear understanding on how to help you! I am not only talking from the point of view of an expert, but also from the the point of view of someone that had to go through their own style journey. Our style is something that keeps evolving. Rethinking our style & comparing our style to our life goals is something we need to do on a continuous basis.


Register for my members’ exclusive site and join the journey of style self discovery for women just like you! Whether you desperately need to change some things in your wardrobe or just want to make some tweaks to your style you will find the answers right here in my members’ exclusive site.

“Dress how you want to be addressed”

This quote resonates with me. How true it is. Once it clicked I totally changed my point of view on style. It made me realise that my style doesn’t have to stay the same year after year. It is okay to change your style type. It is part of your evolution. As your goals change your style should also change. If you have a certain goal in life, dressing for the part is a good place to start. It gets your mind into that place of believing who you can become. Of course it matters what is on the inside, but the outside is what the world sees and you have to decide how you want to be perceived. Dressing for the part is important. Find out what your style type is & work through your style obstructions. You will come out on the other end an updated stylish you, but still comfortable with your style choices.


Personal Stylist tips and tricks at your finger tips. There is so much more to getting dressed than choosing an outfit .Small tricks can uplift your outfit dramatically.

Learn to dress for your body type. Discover what your body type is and learn to dress in the most flattering way for the body type you have. You will even get some tips to make yourself instantly look 10 pounds lighter, if need be.

Learn how to do a professional closet cleanse & closet edit.Doing a closet cleanse is a necessary step in your style journey. Get away from items you never wear . Be rid of the cliche “I have nothing to wear” 

Get to know & develop your own unique style.Knowing your own style will boost confidence and make you comfortable on your style journey. You have style! Learn how to develop it & look your best.

Get my Seasonal Capsule Guides. My capsule wardrobe guides are easy to use. This helpful guide is a great way to get away from the cliche “I have nothing to wear” It is also a tool that helps you to shop responsibly and save you money. And you always have something to wear.

Helpful Downloads. Get your hands on the helpful worksheets I give exclusively to my clients to help you work through your style journey.

Shopping responsibly. Learn how to shop responsibly. No more buying things that don’t suit you or that you don’t need or won’t wear. When you know what suits you and your wardrobe you won’t fall for every shiny thing in the store.

Style workshops. Take part in my custom made online style workshops to better the style you already have!

Learn how to put outfits together.  How to make accessories work & how to know what goes with what.

New Content. Access to new content I add all the time.



Featured in Sovereign Magazine June 2019







Who is the membership site for?

If you want to perfect your style and want personal stylist backup. If you want to just tweak your style this is also the ideal community to be part of. This membership site is also for you to find inspiration and a confidence boost.

Who is the members site not for ?

You aren’t willing to put in some work. Taking action is an important step of any journey and so it is with your style journey too. In the membership site there will be some workshop programs to work through and these will help you for your style journey.

How long is the membership valid for?

The membership is valid for 1 year from the date that you join. You can of course re join every year. Getting in on the new information and going over the older workshops is a great way to keep your style always fresh and up to date.

Why do we have to pay for this information?

Well I paid for my stylist education and my paying clients pay for their styling sessions. So you can take advantage of having personal styling advice at a reduced rate when and where you want it.

Do you still do one on one consultations?

Yes I do. You can contact me for a 30min free consultation and take it from there. I would love to help you on your style journey!


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