* A repost from last Christmas. I loved this post and the outfit. Because it was lost when my blog was in ICU I repost.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…
Christmas is such an exciting time. I love Christmas. Now that I live in Europe & have experienced the festive season here, I can finally relate to why Bing Cosby & Frank Sinatra were cooing over a white & cold Christmas. European Christmases are all about indulgence. And I love indulgence. Glühwein , hot chocolate & cabins with fire places. Real Christmas trees – now that is indulgence. People bring each other freshly baked cookies that only get made at Christmas time.

But with all that decadence at our door step, cold Christmases bring new challenges for dressing and for some of us it can be a tad frustrating. It can be hard to find the balance between staying warm & still looking stylish. Some people seem to think you have to choose. So not true! It’s not all that hard. Basically it’s just finding ways to get creative with layering and mixing fashion with comfort. In fact winter fashion can be far more trendy than summer fashion.

Ralph Lauren Style

If you are totally lost I suggest copying a Ralph Lauren style. Yes it’s not at all very European, but it is stylish, warm and easy to copy. His denim and supply collection has the perfect balance of comfort, staying warm & being stylish. It’s a typical cabin – ski resort style. It’s very American, but it’s like he made non- fashion fashionable. What Ralph Lauren has achieved is actually quite amazing. Creating a style that is so sought after and pieces you can keep for a long time because they are timeless & the quality always spot on. It’s a natural style, but still glamorous. He brings romance & glamour together in a realistic way.

Invest in one Ralph Lauren piece and add it to your outfit and the whole outfit becomes Ralph Lauren. It’s actually freaking amazing. Ralph Lauren style will always be in because it’s not fashion, but class. And even though you can’t buy class, you can buy Ralph Lauren … that already helps a lot.

“I’ve never wanted to be in fashion. Because if you’re in fashion, you’re going to be out of fashion.” Ralph Lauren

My outfit

Spot the Ralph Lauren on me… only my belt is from Ralph Lauren. This belt is so, so old i don’t think you get this design anymore. But like my Ralph Lauren winter coat that is also a million years old, it lasts and it looks good and stylish and in style forever. The poncho is also old and . . . well everyone should have a poncho. The cozy turtle neck cable knit pullover is one of the suggestions in my Winter Capsule Wardrobe must have items list. It’s from Superdry. I have layered with a shearling gillet that has also been in my closet for a few years. White Jeans were a nice change from my always black style. Warmed my feet with these Sorel boots, a must for winter. They are warm and stylish and very comfy. Finished the look with my Maje fake fur handbag and . . . okay I have sinned, I bought this Fendi monster bug bag charm. This little guy I found at a flea market. I couldn’t leave him. I know I should have but he looked so sad that someone gave him up for adoption. Anyway he has a happy home now…