Hi everyone ! Finally I can update you on the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet I tried. Firstly I want you to learn a new word : cellular autophagy. And we will get to the meaning on this in a sec.

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I want to make a long story short but I also want to give you all the info you need.

Intermitted fasting

I managed to reach my ideal bodyweight almost effortlessly and maintain it for almost a year doing intermittent fasting. I fast from 20:00 at night till 12 am. Every single day even holidays… I was very reluctant to try this but heard so many good things and saw the results my husband was getting that alas I gave in and tried it. Leaving my dearly beloved breakfast behind.

After a month I started noticing a huge difference. So many things changed. In a few short months I lost 5 kg and by sticking to the intermitted fasting I have kept it off. And like I said it was quite effortless.

I have always had body issues and am still till obsessed about my weight and the size of every limb attached to me. But I now respect food and don’t stuff everything I see in my face. I choose carefully more than ever before. Order your Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet here : PROLON.CH use code NADISHEART for a 10% discount. Code expires end of June 2019.

Fasting has changed my relationship with food

I lost weight that I have been struggling to lose with yo-yo diets and all kinds of diet products. Most importantly I kept the weight off. And another interesting benefit is that my hormones changed. Whenever I had my period my hormones would go crazy and my breasts would swell up so much that they would sit under my chin. I could use them as an airplane pillow. The pups would hurt so much & constantly for a week or more. After 6 months of intermitted fasting that changed.

Look at the images on the bottom of this paragraph. Image on the left was taken in August 2017. Image on the right, July 2018. You can see that my waist has significantly reduced. I had to get a few extra holes punched into my belt. My arms are skinnier and my calves too. Yes I realise that for most this image on the left is not fat and I am not implying that I was fat but I was not satisfied with my body. On the second image you will notice that my face does not look gaunt. Often when someone loses weight in such a short time this can happen. But because intermitted fasting is healthy way to lose weight I lost in all the right places. Not only did I lose weight, I felt better and looked better and fasting balanced my hormones. Now that I do the intermittent fasting continuously I have no more issue with my crazy hormones and I stay at my goal weight.

Why am I giving you all this detail?

When I posted on my social media that I was going to try the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet everyone asked why ? I certainly didn’t need to lose weight. I didn’t, but that was not the reason.

Fasting has got so many benefits other than weight loss. Longevity and youthfulness others, and looking younger for longer is something we are all after. This was my reason. I could never endure a 5 day water only fast like my husband does at times. I am a believer in work smart rather than work hard. I would always choose the easier option if it is proven to work. So this is what it comes down to and why all the detail. Fasting – brilliant. FASTING five days – brutal ! Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet for 5 days – EASY ! And with all the benefits of a 5 days water fast.

Cellular autophagy

When you do not provide your body with the building blocks it needs to repair and maintain itself, it starts breaking down and using its existing cells and muscle tissue. But it starts with the damaged cells. So your cells which have been damaged through EMF exposure, chemicals, pollution, injuries and the like are in effect recycled and when you start eating normally again they are replaced with brand new cells. Pretty amazing, right ?

Order your Prolon Mimic diet here : PROLON.CH use code NADISHEART for a 10% discount .Code expires end of June 2019.


You can read more about the details of fasting benefits here : BEN GREENFIELD – very insightful

Essentially Prolon is designed to replace a 5 day water fast and still get all the benefits. Read more about Prolon here. PROLON

The white prolon box is good quality and sturdy and sleek with a smart magnetic clip to close the box. I actually got excited to unbox and see what is inside because its so pretty. (Smile) Inside are 5 perfectly packed boxes that divide your meals for the next 5 days. The meals consist of soups, crackers, teas, snack bars, some olives and some supplements. Everything is vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, organic and of the highest quality. It does contain nuts though, so if you are allergic this is not for you.


I guess one of the snack bars is for your breakfast because some people need breakfast. I am used to fasting till 12 so I kept my snack bar for later. I did however drink my espresso and coffee as usual in the morning because I can’t deal without it and my housemates aka husband and son value their lives.

Lunch I had a minestrone soup with 3 crackers and some mint tea and a fasting sweet snack bar. All really delicious and filling. I was really satisfied.

For in between you get these flavoured glycerine solutions to add to your water and sip on during the day for when you feel like your energy is leaving you. This solution actually tastes really nice. Not artificial and I liked drinking it.

I was busy the rest of the day so not eating was not bothersome. Around 18:00 I had a little snack bar and some tea. It held awhile, but then I started getting a light headache. I suspect it was the lack of carbs.

Dinner was mushroom soup, crackers, olives and a sweet snack bar. It is a light dinner but because my stomach has shrunk from the intermittent fasting I always have small dinners. So this was satisfying.


I woke up with a headache. Probably because I needed coffee. After my espresso I felt fine.

Did the same routine. The box for this day had different things in it, but still satisfying. Calories were less in day 2. Every day it would vary. Either you get olives or crackers to go with your food. Snack bars sometimes two some days only one. I would always split what I get in half and save the other half for later. The soups are different flavours from day to day. There is Minestrone , Minestrone and quinoa, Minestrone and lentils, tomato, mushroom & vegetable. I spiced up soup with salt, lemon juice and tabasco etc. I enjoyed it all.

I did not go to bed starving or sad.


Day 3, same routine. I had to get things done and I was busy but I never felt a lack of energy to do what I need to. I don’t work-out so I have no idea how it would affect me if I worked out. But my husband is a training beast and he worked out while on this fast and he was not suffering. Normally when he does a 5 day water only fast he is so grumpy but this time he was happy and in good spirits. Close to dinner I did start to get hungry but we eat unusually late because of my husband’s working hours.


By day 4 I did sometimes wish I could have a glass of Prosecco or some chocolate and I did have dreams about food I like. But I did not feel tempted to quit. Simply because this diet gives your body what it needs and therefore you don’t crave junk. Day 4 went well and it was not hard.

Day 5

Because it was weekend it was a sad day. I love my weekend rituals of eating. I love food and wine. I got so many invites from friends but couldn’t go because, well I didn’t want to be tempted I am not the disciplined type. I don’t care for praise for being disciplined. Praise me for eating the whole freaking chocolate cake by myself… I’m okay with that.

I was very busy on day 5 and didn’t have time to have my lunch till 16:30. So I had my morning coffee and water and did not eat till 16:30 and was completely fine. No hunger pangs, no headaches and I had enough energy.

Order your Prolon Mimic diet here : PROLON.CH use code NADISHEART for a 10% discount .Code expires end of June 2019.

In summary

This fast was easy and for a softie like me that says a lot. I don’t have much discipline and I don’t want to do stuff that is out of my comfort zone. I don’t want to suffer and have headaches and feel dizzy and have no energy. With Prolon get all the benefits of a 5 day water only fast the easy way.

I lost about 2.5kg in 5 days 1.5kg was fat and the rest water, which I regained as soon as I started eating normally.

When we do such disciplined challenges it is important to have the end in sight. Remember that we will see food again. Because fasting tricks our minds into thinking oh no I am starving and so unhappy. No you are not Suzie, you will eat again !

Will I do it again?

Yes I think so. I am superficial and obsessed with my appearance so if fasting promises to slow down or even reverse the ageing process I will most probably do it again.

TIPS : I would suggest you prepare yourself by first practicing intermitted fasting. This I believe is one of the reasons this fast was so easy for me. If you are a coffee addict I don’t suggest leaving your coffee and fasting. While you do the fast, drink the water solution. It does help for energy. Halve your snacks so that you have them spread throughout the day or have them as something sweet for after your meals. Spice up your soups. *Get someone to participate in the diet with you. It helps when you have an accountability partner.

photos by Udo Solberger