As many of you know I was involved in promoting and selling Stella & Dot fashion accessories for awhile. Stella & Dot was a brand I totally loved and believed in. But there is a time to come and a time to go and Stella & Dot decided to close down their European operations.

One door closes another opens

They left many girls very disappointed for many reasons. And many of my previous clients were devastated because, let’s face it they had really nice stuff. But as the saying goes one door closes a different and better door opens.

After this happened I was sort of relieved. I was moving away from the selling side but still felt loyal to the brand and hardly ever tried to promote other brands which were just as fabulous.

I won’t promote anything that I don’t love myself.

Many other jewellery brands have approached me to promote their products. And I could never honestly promote them because either I felt they were not as great as Stella & Dot or they were just not my taste.

There is life after Stella & Dot

I have decided that from now on I will collaborate with accessory brands that I love and believe in. I will let you all know what brands are good quality, trendy and all the other attributes we look for in fashion jewellery. This way you can find out about other great fashion accessories out there.


The very first brand I will introduce you to is Pink Sand fashion jewellery. I have been obsessing over their instagram pictures for awhile now. They have really chic stuff .

Pink Sand is very different from Stella & Dot, so it’s not like you will find all the same addictive & versatile pieces we loved from S&D. It is also very different from any other fashion jewellery brand I have ever come across. I guess because it is fashion jewellery, but not mass produced and not every second person on the beach is going to have the same jewellery as you. And because they use such good materials for fashion jewellery.

I can describe the collections as regal, modern with a vintage feeling to some pieces. There is certainly something for everyone’s taste. The collections are not cheap, but I find the prices fair for what you get. The quality and materials are exceptional. All the jewellery is silver and the gold collection is gold plated silver. The stones they use are Moonstone, ammonite, smoky quartz, agate, onyx, Amethyst, Mother of Pearl, Quartz, Turquoise, Coral, Shells and Riverstone.

Pink Sand Jewellery is a Swiss brand, but you can find them in boutiques all over the world. From Switzerland to New York to Kuwait. Find a retailer close to you here : retailers

Or you can contact them directly to order from the website

photo by Yvonne Aeberhard

This necklace is from the Santa Cruz Collection. I am wearing it alone here as I didn’t want to mix it up with my other brands. Normally I would pile the accessories on. I love layering and stacking.

PHOTOS : Property of Pink Sand Jewellery

photo by Yvonne Aeberhard

These statement earrings are from the Chic Savage collection. At the latest fashion weeks I attended statement earrings were seen all over on the street style divas.

photo by Yvonne Aeberhard

My favourite collection is the Swimming pool collection

PHOTOS : Property of Pink Sand Jewellery