So yet another Fashion Week season behind me! I am not getting at all tired of attending Fashion Week. I love what I do. But I do look forward coming home and sitting here with my glass of wine to tell you all about my Fashion Week experience !

Paris is as always a treat. This city’s charm cannot be captured in an image. The ghost of the past clearly co-exists with the modern rush of this city. When I arrive at Gare de Lyon and am on my way to my hotel in the taxi, the excitement for the adventures come alive in me.

Here my highlights of Paris FW Spring / Summer 2020

Rick Owens

This was my very first Rick Owens show experience. Sure I have seen some of his designs, and I am aware that there is never really anything normal in his collections . This show was held outside around the shallow pool at Palais De Tokyo. Not only was the collection eye catching, but the show itself was almost what could be described as Disney fantasia-like. While the models were trotting the runway, there were these bubble artists around the pool making these fairy tale-like bubbles which floated over the guests and along side the models. Creating a softer, light hearted atmosphere.

The collection was inspired by his Mexican roots. He is known for having more neutral tones in his collections, but this collection was more colourful than usual. Colours associated with Mexican parties, very prominent Pagoda shoulders, some garments with sequins.

The collection also had some reference to Aztec inspirations. The models wore these sort of Aztec head pieces or crowns to finish off the outfits. At first sight you would think that this collection is ugly and way out and nothing you would ever wear, but if you look closer you realise that the collection has a deeper inspiration and meaning to it. It becomes quite pretty, and if you look you can imagine how you can wear the pieces individually. These are pieces that you will have forever.

I was in two minds about it, but now when I went over my notes and watched the show again I really did like it. A very sour woman from the British Press sat next to me. She was scarier and her soul was darker than some of the strangest looking attending guests, who were cuter and friendlier and more open. Book cover thing, huh!!

Rick Owens was my favourite show this Paris Season


Leonard is known for its bold prints, and this collection was no different. Tropical prints with pastel colours, and some canary yellow in the mix. Bright, fun, colourful, with a sporty twist. In the press notes Christine Phung mentioned her muses were Farah Fawcett, Grace Jones and Bianca Jagger. Household names for the 70’s women’s liberation! It was a good one for Leonard.

Issey Miyake

The Issey Miyake collection featured a mixture of bright blues and reds, and other bright colours with neutral tones. Loads of stripes, zic- zac prints, and some tassel details. The show it self was almost like an acrobat show or a ballet show, with some models skilfully gliding on skateboards. This all to show the beautiful flow of the materials used for the garments.

Lutz Huelle

Oh I liked this collection! It had a very Parisian feel to it. It was chic, but still had that Lutz Huelle attention to detail to it. Beautiful rich fabrics, impeccable tailoring, loads of layering and mixing of fabrics and era’s. Sheer polka dots mixed with garments was one of the big statement makers. The satin pencil trousers and the satin cape caught my eye immediately. One of the most breathtaking, innovative and sophisticated, yet modern collections I have seen this whole fashion week season.

Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood was my last show for this Fashion Week season. I am a big fan of her shows and love many of her ready-to-wear garments. This show was sort of a little all over the place. The theme was “Rock me Amadeus.” The invite on the other hand had an image of a tiger. The reason for this is that Vivienne and Andreas support Fauna and Flora and the fight against the mass extinction of the Sumatra tiger. Vivienne Westwood shows are never just about fashion. She always brings a political or ethical agenda to the show.

Vivienne and Andreas are firm believers in buying items that you can use for life. Buy well and buy less. The fabrics used in the collection are actually recycled, reworked fabrics. It doesn’t look like it at all and it looks very natural.

You can read the press release here:

and what will Spring Summer 2020 look like according to the French

I said the same thing last season. In Milan there are clear ideas of what the trends will look like in Spring Summer 2020, but in Paris once again, it was all over the place.

-Au revoir till next Fashion Week season-