In a world where us normal peasants buy off the rack it seems that we are all starting to look alike. We are definitely inspired by each other but somewhere we lose our identity and maybe some self confidence. Unless you are going to make your own clothes you are pretty much stuck with the options that are out there.

We neglect our own creativity

Not that these options and choices are not enough or not pretty. It just seems like we neglect our own creativity because we want to fit in and we are too scared to experiment. We get inspired by celebrities, influencers and our fashionista friends and that is okay. But we need to consider our own style. Because when we are not true to ourselves we will always feel a tad uncomfortable . Even though I am trying hard to move away from ZARA and live a more sustainable life I still find it hard to resist when I see someone wearing something from ZARA and looking like a million dollars in it. As was the case with this dress I bought from ZARA. Fellow blogger and mentor Funky Forty had this dress on for our lunch date. She turned heads. She looked fab and I wanted what she had. I loved her look so much. I dragged her promptly to ZARA. Of course She didn’t mind, she is an influencer after all and it’s normal for peeps to copy her style. There was even another lady in ZARA that day that took a picture of her and asked where she could find the dress. Check out Funky Forty’s cheeky style here It is definitely okay to copy styles and it’s so easy to make it your own.


It’s so simple, the clue is in your existing closet. When you buy something similar to that of an influencer or friend, have some confidence in your previous purchases of accessories and shoes. Simply find a way to style the item you copy with something you love and already own. Start with the main piece you coveted and use it as a canvas. Work in your most loved accessories and shoes, or those shoes you bought and never use. Add items that you are comfortable wearing and that really speak for your style. This is how you get away with copying an outfit you love and making it your own. Don’t doubt yourself, take chances and wear something that makes a statement. READ ABOUT MY “THINK STATEMENT “ POST HERE Here I show the dress worn in a casual way and in a more dressed up way. Same dress, two completely different looks. Both very much my style and something I am completely comfortable in wearing. I show more of the dressed up style because I think that the dress looks completely different to the original way it was meant to we worn.

About my outfit

The pretty white dress is from ZARA. The basket bag is from Claudie Pierlot. White slides from Sam Edelman. White shades PRADA. In the dressed up version of the ZARA dress I am wearing my Chloe Bag which is old and I’m not sure if you still get this style, but there are some other gorgeous styles out there. Shoes from Aquazurra. Bought them on sale so WIN WIN! Gold sandals are big right now, so if you don’t have a pair go grab some! ZARA also has cute ones. These sandals are even great with jeans and are a must for every girl who covet a Carrie Bradshaw Cupboard. N x