I was so very privileged to attend yet another fashion week: Paris Fashion Week. The last fashion week of the fw season. Beautiful Paris with its old architecture with exquisite detail everywhere you look. The city of lights, illuminated churches, fountains & statues and the sparkling Eiffel Tower. The public lighting and the famous cinema lights make it seem like you are the main character in a romantic movie. Paris is such an intriguing & romantic city. Every building you drive past has a story. And I want to believe that every story started with a lot of french kissing, coupled with French toast & Pain au chocolat in bed the next morning & ended with french fries, Champagne & Macarons for lunch.


Paris Fashion Week

We got into a show again!! We have been lucky getting into shows without having invitations. We got into the Yohji Yamamoto show. One of the big players in the fashion industry the already 74 year old Japanese designer is still going strong and he is very popular. In fact he is considered the master of tailor.

That brings me to this point:

I am not one to criticize another’s work which they put a lot of effort and blood and sweat and more blood into. I’m not going to pull down someone that paid their dues and worked their asses off to be where they are. So I’m going to tell you what I liked about the show.

  • I liked that my sewing teacher in highschool (who I shall not name and shame ) was in fact very wrong about my sewing skills, when she so harshly critiqued me and said that sewing is not my thing.
  • I liked that my sewing would actually now be considered very oh la la and incredibly creative and genius. I wonder if Yojhi’s sewing teacher also pulled out all his stitchwork and told him to start over . I ask myself did his teacher too roll her eyes and said Lord help this child when he sewed his garment onto his school uniform that he was actually wearing at the time . Teachers can be so unreasonable
  • I like that there is no such thing as a bad hair day anymore . If you wake up and your hair looks like the Cape Town south eastern has styled it, it’s okay, it’s actually considered fashion. So next time u wake up with a bad hair day, just take styling gel and style it even more in the bad hair direction
  • Can’t do make up or have bags under your eyes from a late night. No problem tipex a white stripe over your eye area and Voila ! Problem solved . . . head out there girl! Your look will be copied in no time by the rest of your work colleagues and you will be applauded for your forward thinking. Its a brave new world.

I love fashion, all its weirdness along with it. It’s so exciting! Always something new and different and that is what creativity is.

you can see the Yamamoto show here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYUENhYNovE%5D


Paris FW vs Milan FW

Paris was very different from Milan. Milan was more fun and more spontaneous and everyone seemed happier and more excited even in the freezing cold conditions. Italians make more of an effort to dress up. Even though the parisian fashionistas did go all out and did have very creative and fab street styles, in my opinion the Italians win hands down.

Parisians are so prim and on their place careful not to show emotion in case for one moment you might think they are entertained by your inability to speak French. In fact don’t even smile back if you don’t smile in French . …and this is not easy. I seem to be able to smile in all languages but have some challenges with my French Smile.

The schedule and venues for the Italian shows was much easier to come by .
The Parisian venues was almost impossible to get. It took some creative thinking and reaching far and wide to get the venues. It’s kept top secret and it seems no one is talking. You need an oracle to find out the venues . This made the Parisian shows much more exclusive and we felt part of a secret inner circle. Much fewer photographers and paparazzi than in Milan.

We went to a couple of other shows to see the street styles. The street style at Vivienne Westwood was naturally extravagant. The attendees got very creative with their outfits.

What I loved about Paris FW?

It’s fashion and it’s in Paris

The rest of the time we ate drank and had cake !
I love Paris and I can’t wait to be back there soon.

My outfit

Because I’m a huge Karl Lagerfeld fan I paid homage to him with this look. I felt it’s very Parisian and very Karl. I just needed a little Choupette to complete my look.

My all black suit was from gucci and the black blouse from Ck .Gucci sneakers to break the black.
I am more into the Italian designers so the only items I own that are French are my Louis Vuitton bag’s but I didn’t like any of them with this look. So I carried my little Prada bag.
To keep warm I wore my faux fur black coat.
Another tip how I kept warm. My very clever photographer gave me a thermal heat pad . . . you know the ones you use when you have back pain? I wore this and it really made a big difference.
Gloves are of course Karl Lagerfeld. Sunglasses Prada.
Except for the broach I heavily accessorised with Stella & Dot from the new and old collection.