There are those times were we buy items only to find them with tags on months later or sometimes still in the bag …yikes! Or items you bought and after wearing them once you regret the purchase.

And then there are those items which are your go to items…

Those items you go back to and wear to death. Those items that you grab when you don’t know what to wear. Those items that just work for you and you feel so comfortable in them. They are you, they speak your style and you always look good when you wear it. These items are mostly timeless pieces, but not always .

Where they a lucky buy? Maybe

I have a few items like these in my closet and they all have different stories. But without these items I would be lost. This category of items can save any wardrobe.

Splurging on items like these is not always necessary, but if you have to pay a little more to get the better quality, it’s worth it. The cost per use of high priced items that you wear often and for years is actually much lower than a cheaper item that you never wear.

Long Vest

This vest, or sleeveless coat if you want to call it that, has been in my closet for over 3 years now. I bought it at MANGO of all places and I was surprised by how excellent the quality of the fabric is. It looks and feels much more expensive than it was. I was lucky to get this. I wear it all year around as it works for every season. It goes with most things in my closet. This was one of my best buys ever. I have it in 3 different colours now, but the black was most certainly my best buy.

Khaki Chinos

In any classy, mature woman’s wardrobe there should be a pair of Khaki or beige chinos. Chinos just look stylish and it doesn’t even have to be expensive chinos. Zara has great Chino styles that are as attractive as J-crew or classic Tommy chinos. These chinos are a more trendy style from Sandro. I bought them recently and have been wearing them non stop. So definitely a best buy .

Burberry belt

My Burberry belt is as old as the hills and I go through seasons where I don’t wear it at all and rather wear the “it” belt like the recent Gucci belt craze. Now that the Gucci belt has sort of given the baton on to the Dior belt, but also not really, I am at a loss for what belt will work best and so I just feel comfortable with my good old classic Burberry. The reason I love my Burberry belt so much is also the reason I love my Burberry scarf to death. The print is so smart, it goes with just about anything. The Burberry belt and Burberry scarf and of course my Burberry trench are most certainly some of my best buys that will always be winners in my wardrobe.


I love blazers. I believe that it is important to buy a blazer that is of good quality because the rest of your outfit can be ZARA, but if you are wearing a cheap blazer it can be spotted a mile away. Blazers are great investment pieces because they can go with your office attire just as well as with a pair of chinos or jeans. I have a few blazers that I have splurged on with my eyes closed, but definitely worth it.

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Leave me a comment. I would love to know what has been the go-to piece you cannot live without in your wardrobe !