Hi everyone!

So I know that life has moved on since FW but with all the traveling and the website being hacked I have not had the opportunity or the medium to tell you all about my FW experiences. Here is my Milan SS19 FW recap.

You can read about my virgin fashion week experience here.


Fashion week is really special to me. It is a time & place for every individual to express themselves with what is available to them. Fashion week is the perfect place to experience an array of individuality & to experiment with your own style and individuality.

The shows are incredible.The vibe and the energy infectious. The actual runway shows only last for about 10 minutes but it takes time to get everyone seated so it ends up taking about 45 minutes per show. Every show is scheduled 30 minutes apart and venues are a 20 – 30 minute drive apart too. So you are almost always late for the next show.

The shows are held at open warehouses or in churches, palaces or other big open spaces, mostly indoors. The effort and financial costs the fashion houses go to to create this perfect 10 minute show is astonishing. From the invites which are hand delivered to a Milan only address by courier to the runway stage set up and everything in between.

I had a hectic schedule. FW is fun but make no mistake, it is exhausting. There isn’t even time to eat. It really is a crazy schedule of show-hopping. When one show ends everyone is out there like a bullet burning the runway carpet on their way out because we are already late for the next show. Influencers, buyers, press & celebs elegantly and politely elbowing & squeezing out of the doors rushing to the black cars with the tinted windows to get to the next show. Outside we are met by an ocean of photographers and paparazzi to get the best shots of the street styles and celebrities.

milan fashion week FENDI SHOW

Outside FENDI – Photo by Funky Forty




MAX MARA was held at the historic Baroque Palazzo del Senato. It’s the palace of the senate so you can imagine how this huge open space with a huge courtyard and pillars all around can be turned into the most glamorous catwalk. I’m talking flowy white curtains sectioning off the runway from the courtyard., snow white seating where we are all squeezed in like sardines filled with anticipation. The last of the plastic cover to protect the runway from everyone entering and running over it to get to their assigned seats gets pulled off right before the show starts.  I had the perfect view because I was privileged to get a front row sitting seat… I was seated less than 5 meters away from Anna della Russo… so almost rubbing shoulders with her.

What does the MAX MARA Spring/ Summer 2019 look like..

Mostly it was earthy tones, black & white and a 70’s palette of browns. Print-wise polka dots and the silhouette style and the cuts were nothing ordinary. Loads of frilly details, exaggerated shoulders, lines in coats and jackets.


Images copyright : VOGUE/ Kim Weston Arnold


The Fendi show was held at the Fendi show room. What many people don’t know about this location is that it is also home to Milan’s very own labyrinth that can be visited almost all year around. The huge hall that the show was held in was painted in a beautiful pastel pink. I sat in the third row, but because of the auditorium like seating I had a pretty good view of the runway. I spotted Anna Wintour and Nicki Minaj, Winnie Harlow and some other famous influencers. Obviously I was in my element because I am a Fendi junky.

What does the FENDI Spring Summer 2019 look like ?                                                                                                                                                   

Here too the dominating colours were earthy tones and whites. Also loads of orange and some pink. Biker shorts and crop tops. Again, a feeling of a 70’s inspired collection with the print that was used. Leather was also seen here and it looks like the embroidery and tull trend is still going strong. 

Images copyright : VOGUE/ Kim Weston Arnold


People were still talking about this fresh, hip and fun brand at all the after parties during this Fashion Week. Guests got these awesome plastic carry bags with the Anteprima logo. It was the perfect gift because it’s very fashionable to carry it and secondly I always had to carry my invites in my hands so this little bag came in very handy to keep my invites in right through the rest of Milan FW.

What does Anteprima SS19 look like.

Young, fun, colourful sporty and plastic. Retro prints and colours was seen here too,  colour blocking & graphic motives were also incorporated in this very I want to say athletic themed capsule. Loved it and would love to wear it.


(Photos by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for Anteprima)


I missed the Genny Runway show because I arrived too late but I still was on the guest list to attend the official Genny boutique opening. After a day of show hopping we attended the Genny Boutique official opening in Milan. I had been so busy all day that I honestly had no time to change. I had to stay in the same outfit I had on all day. Rubbed shoulders with some important people in the Milan fashion biz here. Got some nice Cocktails and got to see her latest capsule. Really extraordinary, classy pieces. A boutique well worth visiting when in Milan.


      Outside Max Mara Sport – photos by Luca Parodi


The Sport Max show (a baby of Max Mara ) was held at one of Milan’s most historic venues. This exhibition venue was inaugurated in 1886. The society of fine arts was specially built to host art shows and exhibitions. I arrived late for the show and was almost not allowed it.

What does Sport Max SS19 look like

Greys, sequins (for day looks) and kobalt blue and obviously athletic cuts and styles.



This cult Munich brand usually has its shows in Milan.  The Aigner show usually has a little apero before so it is an incentive to arrive early. The interior is once again gorgeous and bold and I am in awe. The lights dim and the loud music starts as it does with all the shows. But with Aigner I found it more dramatic. Aigner always have a more dramatic atmosphere at the shows and I think it suits the brand.

What does Aigner SS19 look like ?

Bold colours like cyan blue & signal red with contrast of white and black. No retro vibes here. More 80’s & 90’s. The line was actually inspired by Dadaism, an art movement of the European Avant Garde of the 20th century. Clean designs with mixed of patterns.


Cocktail Party time

We were invited to the One Love Cocktail Party. Well actually we got invited to a few after parties. There are so many Fashion Week after parties all over the City and it’s hard to choose which one to attend. This was was held at the very prestigious Palazzo Matteotti hotel. It was an extravagant rooftop bar party with yummy apero food and Champagne on tap. I wasn’t driving so I was back to the bar for refills way too often.


In March I was standing outside the Missoni show speaking from my heart to the big man upstairs sending out a small plea that I would love to one day be able to attend the Missoni show.  A few months on I had an invite in my hands for the prestigious Missoni show and after party. Everyone that is anyone gets invited to this show. I was beside myself. The show started of with beautiful live piano music. After the show it was champagne on tap again and a buffet dinner was served. A live DJ and even some dancing. It certainly was a talk of the town party . 

What Missoni SS19 looks like

Missoni is obviously known for the its classic knits. This capsule in particular I found soft and feminine. Again here too we saw more neutral and earthy tones with soft layering. Sheer tops and flared pants.


Images copyright : VOGUE/ Kim Weston Arnold


This was an exciting but tiring week for sure. Full of action all the time. The shows, the lights and the fashion. The city of Milan, busy with fashion as usual and very welcoming of all the fashionistas from all over coming to leave behind the past and embrace the new as Carrie would put it.


Photo by Funky Forty