Another fabulous Milan Fashion Week behind me and I’m getting ready to head off for Paris Fashion Week.

Sadly and frustratingly, I want to bite my arm off, because  I was not accredited for the Versace show! By now you probably know that Jlo blew up the internet when she wore the updated version of her gorgeous, famous green jungle print Versace gown. This time the gown showed even more skin! Go watch the video online. She is freaking awesome and fabulous, with so much confidence.

SKIP TO THE TRENDS: So what will Spring Summer 2020 Trends look like, according to the Italians ?


At Annakiki I felt like we had traveled back in time to the 80’s. The collection is called 2080, and the show’s music was very 80’s, with Prince and Madonna, and the finale ended  with Heart of Glass, by Blondie. The dresses reminded me of 80’s type prom dresses.

We saw exaggerated shoulders, masculine cuts transformed to appear more feminine and futuristic. Loads of bright colours. There was also the classic trench turned into a strapless dress. Super silky, soft leather was featured in the Annakiki collection, and also in many of the other designers’ collections. This will be for sure a trend for S/S 2020. 

Max Mara

I liked this Spring Summer Max Mara collection so much more than the last spring summer collection. The inspiration behind the collection was the female spy. This was so clear in the collection. That said, it was not a hard masculine vibe. It was again that masculine/ feminine combination that is a strong trend in most of the trends for S/S2020 . The colours were soft, powder blues, pale pink and  grey. The prints were paisley and polka dots. Oversized pockets are also a huge trend in many of the designers’ collections this season.


This collection, by Silvia Fendi, was clearly inspired by nostalgia. At the showroom it was explained to me that the collection’s inspirations started with two movies, Carrie on Camping and The Anniversary starring Betty Davis. The collection gives us a 60/70s vibe. With exaggerated flower prints, bright colours and  honey coloured fabrics. Nothing dull at all! Bringing out the essence of summer, it makes me want to pack my bags and go back on summer holiday pronto!!!  There were some sensual, see through materials sheer fabrics, quilted skirts, shorts and jackets, paperbag pants, blown up gingham prints on coats, gingham shorts, platform sandals and big 70’s sunglasses. See through is a big trend for SS2020. I like the collection and it is clear that Silvia Venturini Fendi got her game on to express herself, and take control of her brand. To do things on her terms. The collection is classy and fun, and very youthful ! 


Jeremy Scott’s creativity never disappoints. He is a showman, an artist and a designer, making his own clear mark on the Moschino! No other show will ever be as creative and entertaining. The invite was an artist pallet with a painters brush. The collection clearly inspired by Pablo Picasso. This collection is a reminder that fashion is art. We might not think so when we get dressed for a meeting and we are late. The passion for getting dressed goes out of the door and the passion for the the designs are lost. A design that is lazily copied by Zara came from someone’s imagination. The Moschino show reminds us that fashion is more than just trends and putting on a garment. Designers are artists.

We won’t dress like a painting, and we won’t wear a Mandolin to our annual office party. Well some of the clowns of the office might. With Moschino there aren’t ever really clear “aha this is the fashion for this season” kind of moments. Jeremy Scott does not look left or right when he dreams up his new collection. He just focuses on what creativity he can bring to the world, and finds his inspiration from things that no one else would really think of. 


This was my favourite collection for this season. I absolutely loved the Sportmax Spring Summer 2020 collection. The Sportmax runway set was decorated with sails, and when the show started the sails started billowing like they were moving by the wind of the seas. The collection was marine inspired, but not in the way you would think. There was no Breton stripes or the traditional sense of what you would wear on a sail boat. But rather the silhouettes and the garments cuts were inspired by the shape of the sails. The collection was soft and flowy and dreamy. Light blues, light pinks, but also dark greys and navy. Flowy sheer Maxi dresses with leather finishes on the collors. Dresses with eccentric body chain-like details. Leather shorts and boxy jackets. I adore this collection! 

Ermanno Scervino

I have been hoping to be accredited for this show for a long time. This proud Italian brand is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. It is a brand driven by the passion for design and fabric. The collection was modern and feminine, with beautiful fun colours for summer.True to Scervino, the collection had a touch of masculine style worked in. We have seen lingerie and pyjamas becoming day wear of late, so this trend is nothing new. But Ermanno Daelli went a step further and created outfits that replace the traditional formal suit or evening gown, and rather added sequins and feather details to the lingerie dresses. We saw prints like polka dots, animal prints, striped and checked. Again the silky soft leather was worked into the collection. 


Missoni wins hands down with their choice of venue for the show this year. The show was staged at Bagni Misteriosi. This is a huge beautiful public swimming pool in Milan. Each guest got a Missoni Pillow to sit on, and it was also our guest gift to take with us. On our seats were little Missoni goody bags. Inside were little portable solar-powered lamps by Olafur Eliasson. Each time a Little Sun is purchased, according to the website, the social business “delivers one to someone living off the grid at a much lower, locally affordable price. The recent Global Climate Strike didn’t go unnoticed by Angela Missoni.

This venue was spectacular, and, well you always fear it will steal the show….

But the collection was not overshadowed by the venue at all.

This Spring Summer collection looked nothing like the last. With a brand like Missoni, that only works with their own special fabrics, I am always surprised how amazingly creative they get every season. I love Missoni. It is hard for me to pin point the inspiration of the collection. Again this season featured men and women together. So the guys did not have their own show. But it did not mean that the men’s style was very feminine. It was still masculine and tailored, but free and fun.

The women collection was a rebellious breaker of design rules. Polka dots, stripes, zigzags, patchwork, crochet… several of them together in one outfit. Layering different prints and textures can become too much and feel overwhelming, but Missoni did not overthink it.

So in short, this is what the trends for Spring Summer 2020 look like, according to the Italians 

Soft silky leather –

This very silky soft leather was featured in many of the collections of the different design houses. Shorts, trousers or blazers or skirts. Leather is no longer reserved for winter only.

Sheer –

See through sheer materials and see through are just getting more and more daring and popular, and the designers are getting so creative with this trend.

Oversized pockets –

Whether on the blazers or shorts or pants, oversized pockets that clearly visible on the outside have become a thing. More and more designers are embracing this trend.

Pastels – 

It is no surprise that pastel keeps on making an appearance in our Spring Summer trends, and nothing says summer like a powdery happy blue or pale pink…