I have always been that girl… you know that girl who loves beautiful dresses and shiny things.

I always pushed the boundaries with my outfits. I was always in touch with trends and fashion was always very much part of who I am. I liked experimenting with clothes and accessories.

My crazy, boundary pushing dress sense led to many arguments because my mom did not like my style very much. Eventually she had to pick her battles and gave up on that one. I guess for the short time I went through my tom boy stage she must have been so relieved. But my mother always only gave me the best. This spoiled brat had the most beautiful clothes and shoes, always… I will never know how much she had to compromise for herself to give in to my teenage demands.

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I was born with the love of fashion

My love for fashion was definitely something I was born with. That said there were very special people in my life who influenced my love for the finer things. People who showed me what style and class is and that it is not necessarily clothes that make you a stylish or classy person.

My Godmother, who was my absolute idol, worked in fashion. I was so proud of her. She was the most stylish woman I have ever known. I learned so much from her. She was feminine, incredibly stylish and yet very trendy.

My mother’s sister had her own fashion label. So my love for beautiful fabrics and tailored clothes comes from playing in her design studio. I could only make little pillows for my and my cousin’s “My Little Ponies,” but those damn ponies had some bad ass, gorgeous little pillows made from the most beautiful fabrics.

My girl cousins and I were dressed in designer clothes. Once when I was 7 years old I was standing at the church and when I looked up I saw the mayor’s wife and I had on the same outfit. Big shoulder pads and everything. I was the only 7 year old that looked like I had just walked off the set of Dynasty .

My mother-in-law who is  85 is also a great inspiration to me. She is still classy and trendy. I love that she is always making sure her lipstick is still on and she still loves shopping and totally believes that buying on sale is saving money. My kind of girl. It is still so very important to her to look after her appearance. This is how I would want to age. She goes to the gym every day she gets her hair done once a week and she loves to do the pampering things that I love.

If I had to jump out of an airplane it would have to be in all Fendi

So my love for fashion and trends and trying new crazy outfits should come as no surprise. I was so hard on myself because I am not an adventurous person who will climb mountains and jump out of helicopters with my ski’s on. I really thought that I am nothing special and a tad too scared to live. But I realise now that is and never was who I was meant to be. My talents and passion might seem superficial, but that is what I was given. How else do I explain this intense love for fashion ?

Going to Fashion Week and attending the shows has always been a dream of mine. I see people in the audience that look so bored and I cannot understand why. When I sit in the show I am captivated. From the set to the music to the beautiful art and the beautiful models. It makes my heart beat faster.

Playing dress up doesn’t get any better than this

The fashion shows aside, I also really love the street style. I would define street style or street fashion as a style of an individual that is portraying her or his personality and fashion taste in a trendy and current way.  Street style is often considered controversial and over the top. But that is what makes the streets during Fashion Week so fabulously interesting. With street style you see some of the main trends but no one looks the same.

Here you can see some of Milan Fashion Week’s best street styles.

Then there are the resees. A resee usually happens the day after the brand’s show. Press and buyers gets invited to the show rooms of the particular brand. Someone takes us through the collection and explains what the inspiration of the collection was. We can see all the clothes and accessories that the runway models wore up close.

I love this world because playing dress up doesn’t get any better than this!

Here is a recap of my street style for Milan Fashion week.

Photos by Yvonne Aeberhard

My sweat top is from Burberry. I am a big fan of Burberry. The brand is classic and when you own a Burberry piece you know you have bought quality that will last and that will never go out of fashion. Actually I would not define Burberry as fashion because fashion comes and goes but items from brands like Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Balmain are forever pieces. The oversized scarf and the skort is from Maje. Another brand I love because the clothes are exceptional quality and items I wear over and over. Sneakers are a little guilty pleasure, but I can tell you these guys are heaven sent when you ran around in pointed toes booties the whole day.

Photos by Yvonne Aeberhard

This beautiful printed blazer is from Postyr. I just love the richness of the fabric. Don’t worry, I do have on pants, very short ones, but they are there. The stockings are FENDI, another little naughty purchase. My ankle boots are Chloe. At the end of the day you can’t wait to get them off, but they are so worth it. I am still one of those crazies for whom comfort is not my number one criteria. Note the hair pins, they are from ZARA. Hair pins are so in right now. The trend is to wear more than one pin though.

Photos by Yvonne Aeberhard´╗┐

This dress is from ZARA and so is the velvet Jacket. I try not to purchase too much from ZARA, but they still have some gems.

Photos by Yvonne Aeberhard
Twinning with Funky Forty

This skirt is from Miss Sixty. I totally fell in love with the modern take on the pleated skirt. It has little zippers and zip pockets strategically placed. I styled it with my Burberry top. So this Milan Fashion Week the Burberry top got to feature twice. It was an incredibly cold day that day. Underneath I wear heat stickers. A trick I learned from another incredible photographer friendy. Here too I am wearing 3 hair pins.