The last couple of cold days has been an incredibly exciting time for me! It’s hard for me to express in words how much I enjoyed the Milan Fashion Week. For my little Cancerian soul this was like being under my rock on the beach where I feel most comfortable and excited by the tides controlled by my moon. Running sideways from show to show. I felt the cold (crabs don’t like the cold). It was bloody cold, at times my knees were knocking together and I could not control it, but I didn’t care, it was worth it! Plus I lost a kilo from being cold.

My photographer Celine and I arrived on day 3 of Milan Fashion Week. Both of us were Fashion Week virgins and didn’t know what to expect. Both of us Cancerians out of our comfort zones. So we thought. Turns out this is exactly where we feel we belong most.

I have this way of getting lucky with things in life, getting into VIP lounges, getting tables even if i didn’t reserve , always finding parking . . . just random things which i believe is favour from up above! The very first show we went to, Antonio Marras, we got lucky and were allowed standing space! My calves are still stiff from doing calve raises to see everything. WORKOUT DONE- Check! The Antonia Madras show was intriguing, provocative and absorbing. Not for one minute could any one in the audience be bored. It was a mix of a traditional fashion show and a dancing routine. Absolutely stunning. How did we get into the show? I simply asked and at the last minute they let us in.

What did I like about the Antonio Marras Fall- Winter 2018 collection?

I liked the masculine fem fashion with the vintage touch. I liked how he used this recurring trend in a fresh way. I liked the belt bags. Belt bags are huge now, but it seems everyone is going for the Gucci bag belt, which is a bit tired now. It was nice to see something completely different. The style for the men was also very vintage and masculine. Something our grandfathers would have been comfortable in. Fun show with live pianist and also music from Senzen Aksu.

You can see the show here: