I took part in an influencer event at a PKZ retail store in Zurich recently and Maison Héroine was one of our sponsors. I met with the representative of the brand and she had the Marlene 13-inch bag. My eyes immediately fell on her gorgeous work horse, aka the Maison Héroine 13-inch Marlene bag. She looked so very important and so stylish even though dressed casually… She looked like she had walked out off my vision board. Everything I want to be somehow seemed to come alive when I looked at her handbag stuffed full of documents that seemed so super important just because it was in this super important and sophisticated looking bag.

About the brand

Maison Héroine is a relatively new brand. The 100% real leather handbags collection are handmade in Italy and designed by Milanese designer, Marta Vitali. Renowned Italian craftsmanship is visible all over the collection line. Beautiful perfect stitching and detailed design. This brand is focused on bringing a stylish yet functional sophistication to the everyday life of a modern women. In simple terms a girl can look freakishly stylish & unique and fashionable with a computer bag that is so much more than a computer bag.

The Marlene 13 inch

The Marlene 13 inch is sized to fit a 13 inch laptop. It comes in 9 different colours and can be personalised. It fits just about everything… wallet, compact, keys, diary, documents, water bottle and all the other necessities of modern life including your 13 inch laptop. It is made with beautiful, smooth, flawless Italian leather. The stitching is impeccable. The finishings perfectly done by hand. A flap over closure with a pick pocket proof clasp.

The inside of the accordion design is lined with beautiful soft suede. It is an organised person’s dream and a must-have for a chaotic, all over the place person like me. There is a suggested space for everything so you can find what you need in record time. The back of the bag is padded. That is where your laptop would go.

Functionality with style

The bag combines functionality with style and class. It is stylish and chic, yet so durable, strong and practical. The bag is different from anything else out there so it gives a girl a feeling of individuality & importance. It is such a well thought through bag that is the perfect practical chic must-have accessory for every day!

This bag reminds me of when wonder woman stands with her hands on her hips after a battle won! The battle of being practical and productive while looking freakishly stylish at the same time.

Who is it for:

I would suggest it to anyone who has always wanted a beautiful, sophisticated computer bag rather than the boring options out there. For writers, bloggers and fashion influencers this bag is a must. For career woman this bag will be a life saver and an eye catcher. Carrying this bag around is like carrying your vision board around. Everything you want in your life is represented in this bag… success, sophistication, style, individuality and luxury. It is most certainly a dress the part kind of bag.


In Switzerland you can find the brand at any PKZ women’s retail store. Or there are some models online at PKZ WOMAN. You can also go online to the website of Maison Heroine to order directly. If you live in the USA you can get the brand online at Forzieri. Some of these stores have sales on now for a short time, so get on it! Get your heroine bag!

Here my video overview of the Marlene 13inch.

Photos by Kamil Gracki