17 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek 7690, South Africa

+27 74 126 0022


Before I saw 2019 in I had another privileged experience in 2018. I got to sit down for a 10 course meal at the very prestigious Le Coin Francais Restaurant in Franschoek. 

Franshoek itself is already a treat to visit. This quaint town which is situated in the Western Cape Winelands is a must on your itinerary when visiting South Africa.

Le Coin Francais – Passion, Food Art and Fine Dining

This restaurant has great character. It is exactly where one would want to sit down for a meal when one is in a place like Franchoek. From the outside setting to the inside ambience, even the bathrooms, this restaurant has got something special and unique.

Yes, it may be somewhat pretentious, but in the most respectful, positive way. So if you are a hippy wearing clothes made from hemp this is not a place for you. But if you are a lover of luxury and the finer things, if you love being treated like you are ultra special and like no one else is more important than you at that exact moment then you are some what pretentious and this place is perfect for you.

Art on a plate

The Food was art on a plate and a mouth full of flavour and taste that is out of this world. I must add that the chef did exceptional job catering for the gluten free fuss-pots and vegetarians in our group. The meat lovers in our family were of course also extremely satisfied and praised the chef for preparing such delicious dead animals.

Appreciating food rather than eating for the sake of eating

The portions were small, as you can expect for a 10 course meal. But after the 8th course I already started to slow down and started to feel satisfied. It was actually an old fashioned, royal way of eating. Enjoying every bite of food, appreciating food rather than eating for the sake of eating and getting fed and full. Enjoying each sip of wine and each other’s company for a little bit longer rather than just getting the concept of eating and satisfying our hunger over and done with. I can imagine this being a way of life.

Attention to detail

The service was impeccable. The attention to us, the attention to detail, the attention to everything was unparalleled. The high maintenance girl in me loved all this attention. The chef even coming out of the kitchen to explain each dish to us. 

This is a restaurant born from passion for food and art. I can relate because this is how I feel about fashion. Such a privilege to have been able to enjoy a meal here with my family.

Images copyright: Lisa Trocchi