As a child I use to lie on the dentist chair staring at the world map on the ceiling while the dentist was drilling and sucking spit and devising evil plans for braces or bite plates. I used to look at all these places on the map that looked like worlds away and imagined myself on a beach somewhere where the waters are the color of Azur

But in the 15 years I have been living in Europe I have not had much interest in this part of the world. Don’t get me wrong, of course I love the culture of beach clubs, yachts and luxury shopping, but I only have so many organs to sell. The South of France is mostly for the rich but my bestie the honourable Madam Speaker and I did it on a budget as best we could and  for the rest well… there is Master Card…

beautiful view on Nice in south france


Our home base was the city of Nice. We rented an apartment through air b&b. Air b&b is great for those of us traveling on a budget and even if you don’t have a budget I would recommend air b&b just because it’s such an easy and comfortable way to organise your holidays. No crazy unexpected costs and a secure way of ensuring you get what was shown in the pictures. And like Uber, hosts get rated, so if they want good ratings they better treat you like royalty and up till now that was the experience I have had.

In Nice we strolled through the cobbled stone streets of the the old town. I’m spoiled I know because I did not find it any more special than other places I have been to in Europe. The Prominade des Anglais is a 7km promenade along the pebbled beach. Sure you can walk it but for my popping hip and the honourable Madam speaker’s sciatic nerve this would be too much. We rented bicycles on the Promenade. Both of us equally uncertain and spastic, not even able to remember the last time we rode bikes.


We went to Monaco by Helicopter from Nice airport. My most exciting 8min in a long time. It is such a treat and highly recommended. I suggest Monacair. Their prices are fair and customer service great. Along with some young trust fund kids (on their way to daddy’s yacht no doubt) and another couple that looked like Louis Vuitton threw up on their luggage we arrived at the Monaco Helipad . We chose to walk from the Helicopter landing location to the centre of Monaco. There was free transport curtesy of Monacair but we wanted to really see and experience everything. Monaco is tiny so it’s easy to do it all in one day by foot. Monaco seems like you are in a bubble. Like a disney world for grown ups.

We decided to spend the day at Monte Carlo Nikki Beach Club. This is where future me’s problem will come in. These beach clubs are not cheap. You have to rent a bed and then also order a bottle of Champagne. The cheapest on the list is a bottle of Moët ICE.

Honestly it was an expensive experience, but well worth it because for a day we felt like we were living the high life. Beach clubs are all different so you don’t find the same vibes at all of them, but it is absolutely fabulous fun. Nikki Beach Clubs are all over the world and known for their fun party vibes. A Live dj pumping House music, white double beds to lounge on, waiters running their asses off to please the rich (and the wannabe’s like us) and champagne flowing whereever you look.  Some crazies even spraying Champagne on each other??? and again I must mention Moet is the cheapest on the list and they spray it as if its a bottle of cheap plonk.

If luxury is your thing this is an experience not to miss.

You can book your Monaco helicopter flights here : MONACAIR and Nikki Beach Club reservations for Monte Carlo you can make here : NIKKI BEACH MONTE CARLO

VilleFranche- Sur- Mer

Love this picturesque little sea side village. People seem friendlier here. It’s very close to Nice. The beach has pebbles, but you can still find a way to make yourself comfortable. The water is refreshing. We went over lunch time but if I can have a do over I would go later in the afternoon because as we left all the very cute bars and restaurants came to life. It’s an Instgramer’s paradise.

One thing that is important to remember in Europe  … most restaurants and bars close after lunch till about 18:00 again. It’s not common for restaurants to stay open or serve food all day. Make sure you are at a restaurant between 12:00 and 14:00 and then again from 18:00 till I guess midnight. Restaurants stay open till late because in Summer the sun goes down only around 21:30 and Europeans like their siesta in the heat of the day and like to eat later when its cooler.

St Tropez

We did not see much of St. Tropez. Instead we opted for a quiet hidden St. Tropez beach club and yummy lunch. Our day was spent eating and drinking cocktails and just lazying on the beach chairs . So I would have to go back and actually make a better effort of this whole Cote D’ Azur experience. I don’t have much to tell about St. Tropez, but if I look at fellow bloggers experiences I have missed out on a lot.


Heart emojis all around. Cannes is what my heaven would most probably look like. On the one side beautiful blue water and a strench of white sandy beach as far as you can see. Luxury beach club upon beach club. Each beach club a different theme and different rules. We chose La Plage du Festival. I liked it because every pair of sun beds were partitioned to be private or if you were alone you could also have a single bed partition for some privacy. Cute waiters running around serving drinks and eats. Or you can opt to eat at the beach club restaurants which have everything from extraordinary dishes to simple salads.

City of Cannes France. Summer Marina and the Bay Panorama.


About My Outfit

This play suit is from Juliet Dunn. I love her fun, gorgeous and classy collections. It’s different and eye catching. Comfortable and also good quality. Easy to wear over my bikini. Perfect for beach holidays. The bikini is from beach riot. I love this brand and, well its not easy for me to find a nice bikini that fits my bra size and does not push my breast till under my chin or fit my smaller rib cage. For my bra size EU small D cup I wear an L. Bottoms EU36/38 a M is a perfect fit.

Have you got any tips of beach clubs you have been to? Would love to hear.

x N