It is not a million dollar question, but I am sure many of you that have downloaded my Summer Capsule Guide have asked yourselves why I included an off-the-shoulder top in my summer capsule guide. Or asked the question “Isn’t the off-the-shoulder trend a bit last year?”

So why did I include the off-the-shoulder top & some tips on how to wear it

The reason I included this in the Summer Capsule is simple, my capsule guides are aimed at the everyday girl that wants to update her style. I choose items that she will be able to wear again in the future. Because the capsule is not personalised, but rather a general idea of what would suit most body types and deal with most problem areas.

I love OTS tops because they are stylish, timeless, (I mean they were in since the 1800’s, right ?) feminine and little bit sexy.Young girls can pull them off easily, but even as an older gal it is possible to pull this top off. You can show some skin in a fashionable, acceptable manner, without being frowned upon.

Off-the-shoulder tops can be quite flattering

One of the problem areas they hide are “bingo wings,” also know as the flab under our arms. There are all kinds of tips for different body types on how to style this top so that it also hides your other problem areas.

I hear some protesting that OTS tops aren’t for everyone. I guess like any trend it is true, but I believe that most of us that like this trend can find a OTS top that will work.

Here is my advice

Let’s start with general advice. When wearing OTS tops I would suggest you take your hair up in a bun or a pony tail so that you can really show off the detail of the bare shoulders. Go for finer jewellery or even a cute chocker. Or a very simple necklace with chunky statement earrings.

How to stop the top from shoulder riding? You know that annoying thing that all these off-the-shoulder tops do… as you move during your day it keeps riding up your shoulder and you have to keep on pulling it down. Well sadly there isn’t really a way to stop this from happening. But there are some tricks. One thing that works well for me is to find a top with elastic around the shoulder that is not too tight. There is also this hack I found on you tube .

How to wear it

This will vary because of different body types. There are so many different body types, rules and tricks to make our outfits work.

Big on the top

There are two ways this could go… you are bigger on top and have no little love handles and no problem area around the waist ? You can wear either a tighter off the shoulder top that shows your body definition or a looser fitting floaty off the shoulder top. Important is always to define your waist either way.

If you are big on top and have a couple of rolls around your waist I would suggest a more floaty top. Again make sure that the top is not just this long top hanging straight down and you end up looking like Spongebob. Make sure that the top either has some detail with a front tie or tuck it in in the front of your pants. This will give the top some movement and add definition to the your waist. Tops like the one I wear in this editorial that have little details on the cuffs that are great because it takes your eyes away from the obvious huge breast area. Girls I am a size D, so I know all about this problem!

Wear high waisted pants. This is great for giving a body definition. Interesting belts are also a great help. The aim is to create the illusion that you have the perfect body shape, the hour glass shape. Few of us have this but we can play with little hacks to achieve it. When you are the bigger on top body type and you are going for the off the shoulder top stay away from the following : loads of attention seeking sequins at the breast area or frills in the breast area as that will only accentuate your breast size, and not in a flattering way. Finding the perfect bra for an OTS top is a mission. I am still searching and, well It seems to be harder to find a perfect bra for big breasted girls than it is to find a freaking soulmate, seriously!


With this body type it is easy breezy when it comes to your choices for off-the- shoulder tops. The louder the top part is the more it will take the attention away from your bigger booty. Don’t wear loud bottoms like printed pants or very bright coloured bottoms. This will make your butt just seem bigger. Save the print and details for the top. Again, accentuating the waist is important. So no baggy shirt dress with no definition in the hopes that this will hide your big booty. It will make you look even bigger.

If you have some little rolls around your waist area I would advise a more floaty, looser top that you tuck into your high waisted pants. But because your booty is bigger make sure the top has some other details, like print or frills, to draw the eye towards your top part and give the illusion of the hour glass. When you are bigger on the bottom don’t, don’t, don’t pull a shirt completely over your bottom and think it is hiding your bottom or making it smaller. This is not true. Tucking the top in front at your waist and then letting it hang a little loose around the rest of your body and half way over your bottom will create the illusion of a balanced figure.


Not such a common body type, but there are some that have this problem. Here you can actually play with detail at the bottom and top. Strategically placed ruffles and seams are great. This doesn’t mean you have to wear baggy, oversized tops. Just getting the right fitting top is important. Easiest would be something with a print and again tucking it in at the front or even just at the side. This creates the illusion of a smaller waist.

When you pull your shirt down too far over the waist of your pants you are cutting your body off. You will look shorter and that will automatically make you look bigger.


These are the girls that don’t have a lot going on at the bottom, middle or top. You can really get away with a lot with this body type. No need to worry too much about looking overly sexy and no worry about problem zones. You can get away wearing these off the shoulder tops without a bra.

You can have interesting detailed tops or bottoms like flares, ruffles, buttons and ripped jeans etc. You can wear a loose top to create the waist. You can also wear them tight and fitted. You can wear oversized items, but make sure they are not too baggy. Wearing ruffles and detailed tops will give the illusion that you have the hour glass figure.


This top is from Van Laack. I love Van Laack as their quality is exceptional. This top in particular will suit all body types. You can really play with this top to create the perfect body type. It has vertical stripes, which creates the illusion of being taller. It is a little oversized, so it hides problem areas. Also with the sleeves that are a little bit longer and flowy it hides the under arm flab. There is enough detail at the elastic for the the bigger at the bottom girls, but also not too much for the bigger at the top girls. The tie detail at the cuffs are a great way to take attention away from my D cup size. These pants are from See by Chloe. They are high waisted and the material is such good quality. Having the seam in the middle of the leg there creates an illusion of being taller. The pants are a little bit baggy. I also turned the bottom seam of the pants over once. I tucked the shirt into the pants and even though I don’t need a belt I used a chain belt here to create the illusion of waist definition. Took my hair up so the off the shoulder detail can do the talking and is not hidden under my mop of hair. I went for chunky statement earrings, which I am really into right now.


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