*I repost this post because I lost so many interesting post when my Blog was in ICU.


Winter outfits can become somewhat boring, especially in the New Year when you have had enough of the grey skies and black coats. In Europe winter is long so we need to do something to make our outfits a little bit more interesting. There is the magic of layering and layering is like art. You need to get it right otherwise you might end up looking like Lily Tomlin’s character in Grace & Frankie.


The trick to layering is to get the combinations right

1  .Stick to the same colour palette from top to bottom: different shades of the same colour .
2. Break up the look with stripes or tops with prints.
3. Pair baggy items with tighter fitting items so that you don’t look too puffy.
4. Turtlenecks are the perfect layering piece. Get tight fitting turtle necks as this will be the piece you build your layering on.
5. The whole point of layering is to get that effect of showing the different details of the layered pieces. Try a short sleeve top over one of your layered pieces.
6. Style with accessories for more interesting detail.
7. Adding a longer faux fur coat faux fur coat or now the very trendy teddy coat will make a great layering piece.

About my outfit

These baggy Jeans are from Victoria Beckham. I love layering with cute Sweat shirts in winter. I Added some print with a striped turtle neck and let the stripes stick out where ever possible. Making sure that the turtle neck top is not too bulky.The sleeves are the same length so as to show the stripey layering. I turned the red pullover’s sleeves over once.I had my watch over the sleeve of the top rather than hide it under. For this outfit I chose a delicate necklace. Sometimes I like to add heavier, chunky accessories to finish the layered look with dramatic details. But because these jeans are already such a statement piece heavier accessories would have taken away from the look rather than add to.


Photos by Celine Lütolf