Hi Everyone!


What a catastrophe! September has been a very exciting month for me and I wanted to share it all with you. It was Fashion week and I was in my element. But somehow someone hacked my blog (makes me sound important, right?) anyway I had huge malware problems on the blog that took ages to sort out and I couldn’t save any of my old posts. I guess I have them somewhere on my computer so maybe with time I can reload some of them.

My worst quality is that I am impatient and my second I get bored very quickly. So I guess these challenges happened to keep me entertained and teach me patience, right? Some special girl I am that the “universe” conspires against me to frustrate the hell out of me.


Well I am back and I gave ze blog a face lift.

What do you think about the new layout? I can’t even remember how the old one looked.


When having to start anything over in life I think we all take a recon of what we like and what we want to leave behind . I have been thinking that maybe my blog was just too much all over the place with no real niche or theme? Do you feel this about my blog too? But then again if you know me well you would know that I am all over the place with no real niche. Just dipping in and out and leaving behind what is past. Anticipating the next dream coming true.Pushing at different doors trying to open them and then of course typically me walking straight and hard into the glass doors, when will I learn…

The impatient me can’t stand the procrastination that life throws at me while life laughs out loud at my frustration.

Luckily somehow some posts were saved on another wordpress database. So whatever I can save I will repost .

about my outfit

I used this dress from ZARA for a fashion styling editorial for Cannon recently. I love the flowy bohemian style and the mixed prints with the autumn colours. This dress will  make a great layering piece in winter.

I am a lover of hats ! I love that in Europe people still wear hats. It’s so sophisticated and a great way to accessorise.

The hat is from Seeberger… officially my new favourite place to shop for hats.

Oh and the slides, the gorgeous slides that I have been coveting for months are from FENDI. I am a total Fendi junky.

Gucci belt – maybe this trend of wearing it around the waist like this is getting a bit tired but I still find it looks chic and makes a cheapie ZARA dress look more expensive. I added my Chloe belt bag because… well I am a lover of more is more is more! Layering is my thing! I think you can put me in the same category as Mr T.

Have a fab day and thank you for your patience.

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N x