Not everyone is going to be your friend. Not every girl is going to turn out to be your bestie or the one to help you hide the dead body. This is unrealistic.

But here is the thing. Just because we aren’t besties, do we have to be mean to each other? Do we have to look down on each other because we are different ? Do we have to feel threatened by the success or bra size of another?

Celebrate and elevate

I love how different and special we all are. All created equally but with different gifts . So I feel that there is no need to feel threatened by another because our gifts aren’t the same. We might do the same thing but the results will always be different. We might feel threatened because someone is in the same industry and we feel if they are doing well that will mean we are going to do crap. No! In fact if they are doing well celebrate because it means that there is a need for our profession in the market. I believe that there is enough in the world for all of us .

Swiss gentleman Summit

As woman we are all so gorgeous, and when you slap a smile on, even more so. This was the point of this shoot organised by Swiss Gentleman summit organiser Ünal Karagül. His vision initially was for men to return to their gentleman roots. Where chivalry is still alive and looking after your appearance is still important. His opinion is that everyone can look exceptionally good, it is just a matter of making an effort. Polish your shoes gentleman, get your blazers tailored, hold your arm out so a lady can hook in. Not because of romance, just because it is the gentleman thing to do. Old fashioned, but refreshing.

Swiss ladies sympodium

For the ladies his vision was similar. When we all arrived for the Swiss Ladies Sympodium, we dressed up and we all looked so different. Every girl looked gorgeous. Everyone was in good spirits and happy to be there. I did not feel any vibes of jealously or contempt. It was simply girls getting together showing the world our feminine side. Every girl comfortable and confident in her own skin and with her own style.

I believe in equality. But women should still be women and should still celebrate being different from men. Sure we can do almost everything they can, but why would we want to? Why make it so easy on the guys?

I want to put a pin into the following :

  1. As woman we should be gentle & kind to each other. Caring and cheering each other on. We should hug and support and listen. Help each other to reach higher heights. We are stronger in numbers.
  2. We are all pretty, different and special. What makes us ugly are the words that comes out of our mouths . Psychologically when a person starts spewing negative things about another we subconsciously start questioning the person spewing the negative things and start distrusting them.
  3. Don’t let fear get the better of you and drag you to a place where you have to put someone else down or be negative and contemptuous towards another to make yourself feel good. Do share, do be happy for another’s success and do cheer your fellow girls on.

“Fear is a powerful thing, it can turn your heart black you can trust.”

Bruce springsteen – Devils & dust


Our outfits were sponsored by PKZ Zurich. The blazer is from Reiss and the skort from Maje. Handbag from Maison Herione.

Thank you to Ünal Karagül and Simone Orsinger for organising this awesome event and including me. Thank you to the sponsors PKZ, Maison Herione and Anlu jewellery . And thank you to an awesome photographer, Stefan Beusch