Address: Seefeldstrasse 7, 8008 Zürich


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Necessary Luxury

Yes, so getting your nails done is for some a necessary luxury. I know when I walk around with out a mani or pedi I feel like something is wrong and I get so embarrassed that I try to hide my hands.

But I don’t like going to just any nail bar so honestly I often skip going because the idea of just going for the sake of it is just keeping me away. I can not stand it when they are trying to get you in and out there so they can get the next punter in leaving you irritated and not appreciated.

Getting your nails done well for me at least is not just a means to an end. I want to be spoiled and treated well . I want it to be fast yes because my time is limited but I not so fast that the nail technician cuts my cuticles and tear them in and then I sit with a sore cuticle that hurts for days. Also I don’t want to sit in a salon while the girls are making chit chat in a language that I don’t understand I think that is so rude…

Get Nailed – Zurich

I want a professional place that is sufficient. Friendly and accommodating. I discovered GET NAILED in Zurich in Seefeld and it is way, way, way out of my way but it is in a the heart of Zurich and in a very charming area.

The girls are funny , interesting and polite. The are interested in me and genuinely treating me with the at most care and consideration. They do such a great job and nothing is too much. They are professional and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend GET NAILED IN Zurich – it is usually fully booked so make sure to get your appointment in time.

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Photos by Kamil Gracki