I mourn for summer in winter and so I can usually be found in mostly black outfits. Why ? It’s a lazy choice really. Black always looks good. It’s easy to put together and I have so many options. So no need to think much when jumping out of the shower into anything that would keep me warm and stylish. Seriously, I’m pathetic in winter.

Getting creative with outfits the other side of Christmas can sometimes be a challenge.

I suggest you check out the current sales. Go for items with classic prints, like tartan that comes back into fashion again and again. Jeans – you have too many pairs already but if you are going to get a pair go for something fun and different and also something that you could wear in spring and summer too. This is a way to spruce up your wardrobe on the last run of winter on a budget.


The denim blouse is from Ralph Lauren. A denim blouse is an investment in your wardrobe no doubt! They can be styled in so many ways. It is important to get one that fits perfectly.

I love wearing denim on denim. Some people can’t stand it, but for me it’s just a simple look that works and is easy to put together. The secret is to make sure the blouse and the jeans are close in colour. Too big of a difference would throw the balance out and then it would be tacky.

Wear it with a belt or bag belt. Stay away from a black belt. That would be too heavy. Style it with a tan or brown belt or even leopard print belt. I styled it with a red Mui Mui bum bag.

The jeans are cropped here and the general rule is not to show ankle in winter. But fashion evolves and rules are meant to be broken. This is the trend right now. Show off your statement shoes by wearing cropped trousers.

Ankle booties can go well with this outfit. Again Tan or Leopard print would work well. I chose my chunky dad sneakers. When you choose sneakers with cropped pants wear interesting socks, not just one colour.

When adding another layer piece to complete the outfit try incorporating some colour. Oversized sweaters or boyfriend sweaters are very in now. An oversized blazer would also work here.
Have a fabulous February!