Queuing outside the FENDI showroom, invite in hand, waiting to enter and get to our assigned seats, the energy is chaotic and the security very strict. The usual loud Fashion Week anti fur protests going on in the street in front of FENDI and whatever the collective noun for photographers and paparazzi would be are all franticly trying to get the best street style photos.

The tribute to Karl Lagerfeld was felt and everywhere noticeable

But as we entered the FENDI venue the mood on the inside was totally different. Respectful and sombre, like at a memorial service. The tribute to Karl Lagerfeld was felt immediately and noticeable everywhere.

Karl Lagerfeld reigned as the creative director of FENDI for 54 years. His passing leaves a void at Fendi. This collection is the last of a long time collaboration with the Fendi Family.

The Fall Winter 19.20 collection

The FENDI fall winter collection show was classy and sophisticated as always. Beautiful, soft, elegant and feminine. Karl Lagerfeld himself was always impeccably dressed, a perfectionist. He curated an image of himself that will be forever burnt into our memories. The gloves, the starched collar, the tie pin or brooch, perfectly tailored suit with strong shouldered details, white hair always tied back and of course he was never seen without the black sunglasses.

A priceless memento

At our assigned seats we each got a little card with his signature on it and with the show notes, sketches of his final collection for FENDI. A priceless memento that I will always cherish.

Photo by Yvonne Aberhard Stutz

Last season it was Logo Mania and it was also to be seen all over the street style outside Fendi. This time Karl Lagerfeld revived his softer, curly double-f monogram and it appears on everything from sheer turtleneck bodysuits and coats to stockings and socks.

Photo taken at FENDI showroom by Yvonne Aberhard Stutz

Karl Lagerfeld’s final gift

This Fendi Collection, his last in collaboration with Sylvia Venturini Fendi, was most certainly his final gift to half a century of brilliance. The stiff exaggerated collars and the blazers are so perfectly tailored in typical Karl Lagerfeld style. Strong shoulders and perfectly seamed garments nipped at the waist. He had a gift to bring sophistication to the most modern trends. It’s nothing made up for sensationalism. His work was always fashion at its best and at its chicest.

Photo: Armando Grillo

The Baguette relaunched

The Baguette bag was relaunched. The newest baguette is embossed in pillow patent faux leather. Beautiful and classic. Another modern take on the baguette is a multi strap harness that allows you to personalise the accessories according to your needs. It has space to strap on your AirPods, a tiny little bag for who knows what and even a place to clip your sunglasses in. It comes in a mini baguette too. No doubt from August onwards these will be all over social media.

There is also another choice of the mini baguette. It’s a versatile 2-in-1 look. The bottom part of the baguette can be taken off. It becomes a totally different bag. It also comes in black and white so when you remove the white bottom part the bag is only black.

The Runway finale

For the very emotional runway finale David Bowie’s Heroes played as the models walked their last lap on the runway with a standing ovation.

A final tribute to the “Keizer”

The room then went dark and a video clip was played of Karl Lagerfeld sketching himself when he first started at Fendi in 1965.


It was an absolute perk and pleasure to be able to go to the resee of the collection at the Fendi showroom in Milan. The press and buyers that are invited to the showroom for the resee are spoiled with all kinds of yummy treats. But better than cake is being taken through the show room and seeing up close the collection that will be in stores only in August. Being able to touch the garments and play with the bags is a dream and a bit of a tease. I could never in my wildest dreams ever have thought that one day I would be able to do this. The whole Fashion Week experience is magical for me.

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Photo by Yvonne Aberhard Stutz

What a privilege to have been part of this particular FENDI show. If there was ever a time to buy Fendi it would be the collection that comes out in Fall 2019. The last collection & collaboration by Karl Lagerfeld.