Planning for Fashion week…

As well as the scheduling and the corresponding with brands, and making sure I have everything checked off my list, there is also the outfit planning for street style. Even if I only go for a few days, I carry two suitcases. Shoes, clothes, bags and accessories, amongst other things have to come with!

Although I love my brands, I have to be careful not to favour one brand, and should try to stay a bit neutral, and not go full on branding with one brand.

Unlike many other influencers at Fashion week, I never change outfits in between shows. I just don’t have the time. When I have a gap in my show schedule I also go to showrooms, so I don’t want to arrive dressed all Max Mara at the Fendi showroom. That would be a tad awkward.

Here my outfits recaps for FW S/S 2020

Milan DAY 1 – I don’t have a complete outfit photo of day 1 unfortunately. I wore a very basic white linen blouse from Max Mara and a black skort from Maje, with my Fendi booties and my Dior Saddle bag. I accessorised with rings from Pink Sand Fashion Jewellery. I went to shows like Max Mara, FENDI, Genny, and some others smaller shows. I sinned a bit here in Milan by using my Dior bag, because technically it is in bad taste to wear French brands to the Italian Fashion Week, and vice versa. In the evening I had the Moschino Show and Phillip Plein Party, for which I changed.

For the Moschino Show and the Phillip Plein Cocktail Party I wore a VERY Pink dress from Essentiel – Antwerp. The party theme was Pink Paradise. I paired it with my new metallic Gucci sandals and finished the outfit off with a Moschino scarf tied around my arm.

Milan Day 2 – This was taken outside the SPORTMAX show in Milan. The Necklace and arm party is from Pink Sand Fashion Jewellery. The belt bag is an awesome new addition to the Maison Heroïne collection. It is a cross body belt bag, or even a clutch. The T- shirt is also from Maison Heroïne . Shoes – Slack London. They are old but I simply love them … when they are not freaking assaulting my feet ! I attended big shows like Sportmax & Aigner, and other smaller ones. And also the Fendi showroom.

Milan Day 3 – I decided to go for comfortable shoes with my good old Gucci Ace sneakers and my go-to all black outfit. The black pants with the slit detail at the ankle are from Mossman, and the blazer from Gucci. I added some red accents with the headband from Prada, and the Red bag from Maison Heroïne. And accessories from Pink Sand Fashion Jewellery. Sunglasses Prada. I went to shows like Cividini, Ermano Scervino (huge highlight), other smaller shows, and then the Woolrich Showroom. Later in the evening I changed for the Missoni show.

How versatile is this bag from Maison Heroïne?

MISSONI – For the Missoni show I wore a long striped Missoni Cardigan over a lace body, with the pleated black skirt and bronze heels.

Paris Day 1 – When I say Day one, it means my day 1. I don’t always arrive on the 1st day or leave on the last day of Paris FW because Paris FW is so long. I arrived and had to drop my bags at the hotel and head out immediately to the Gauchere and Rick Owens shows. I wore a basic outfit of black tight jeans from River Island with a Fendi Body. My warm checked blazer, or more like a coat, from Maje paired with my Louis Vuitton sneakers, and had my Dior Saddle bag with me. It was my travel outfit on the train from Zurich to Paris, so with the little time I had it just had to do.

Paris Day 2 – It was already cooler in Paris so I had to be sure I was warm enough for when I was outside, but not boiling inside the shows. I wore my Maje black skort (probably my favourite, most worn item in my wardrobe) under this Maje checked, double breasted blazer/coat. I paired them with my new Paris-Texas croc embossed leather knee boots. And finished off with my Burberry mini chained card case and my Dior Saddle bag. Earrings from Pink Sand Fashion Jewellery.

Paris Day 3 – I went a little out there! I had only two shows left, Rahul Mishra & Vivienne Westwood. I was going to miss Valentino on the Sunday so I just got my Valentino on a day before. Crop top and leather shorts from Misguided, black blazer from Gucci, Valentino Belt, Burberry Chain card purse and Maison Heroïne cross body bag, and Valentino Ankle boots. Finished off with jewellery from Pink Sand Fashion Jewellery, and Prada head band. Sunglasses from Celine.

Photo by Luca Parodi

Of course no outfit is complete without a good Manicure : I got my very interesting Manicure at GET NAILED SALON in Zurich. You can read my review here : GET NAILED ZURICH

Rings from Bound, a new jewellery brand I also love.

Thank you to my partners for this Fashion Week: Maison Heroine, thank you for always working with me. Nina from Brands & for always helping me out. Pink Sand Fashion Jewellery for your gorgeous accessories. Get Nailed Zurich for a gorgeous Mani and Pedi and getting so spoiled. Bound Jewellery for a hand-full of rings. Madreperla skin clinic Baden for spoiling me with the products I love. My awesome photographers : Funky Forty, Luca Parodi & Kamil Gracki. Austin Fitness for being my biggest sponsor and support for any of my endeavours, and for the cutie Gucci Mules surprise in Milan. xox