It is summer so why not wear some shorts?

Carrie could get away with hot pants and look fab. Those days are over for some of us but there are many other styles that we can rock and make look interesting.

I suggest high waisted shorts or paperbag shorts.

PS. for the beach : board shorts are so in for girls again!

The key word here is INTERESTING. Get out your shorts and make the outfit interesting with all the other details I have discussed in previous SATC challenge posts.

If your body type is:

Bigger on top : Go with shorts that have more detail at the bottom. Pockets, cargo shorts, prints etc. The top you wear should have less detail, but show a little skin at the neckline. NO Spaghetti strap tops, your breasts should be supported. Tops should not have too many details like frills.

Bigger at the bottom: Shorts should be one colour and wear a darker colour. The top you wear can have more detail, like prints.

Curvy : Don’t hide your curves with oversized tops. The shorts should not have too much detail like print. Print at the top is okay but don’t over do it. Shorts with a high waist are your friend. Not too short!

No curves : You can get away with a lot. Your athletic body allows you to play with details at the top and bottom. Don’t overdo either but be adventurous.