There is a misconception about what Monochrome actually means. Mono – one, Chromatic -colour. It is confusing because in photography it would simply mean black and white, but in fashion in means wearing separates in the same colour. It might sound boring, but it is actually really daring and fun and can be really flattering. We actually do it all the time, especially in winter when we wear our black on black.

But that is not what I had in mind. I want you to get Sex and the City bold, and wear a colour that really stands out.

No matter what colour you choose, the top and bottom should be the same. Do it SATC STYLE and go for bolder colours! Break the colours with… yes you guessed it, one of those belts I have been nagging you about.

When you wear monochrome, mixing your textures will help to add depth to the outfit.

Remember if you wear bulk or statement tops not to wear bulky or statement bottoms.

Add some interesting shoes. Its not the 80’s anymore so don’t go for the exact same colour as the rest of the outfit. Try an interesting shoe with detail. If you go for same colour shoes go for something with detail like a Tory Burch ballerina or slide for example. This would also be the perfect outfit to bring out those metallic shoes.

Accentuate the right areas. No.1 Get a belt. You could wear the same colour belt as the outfit if it looks good. The belt is the best way to achieve not looking like Barney the Dinosaur. Accentuate that waist (unless the top part of your outfit already has a cinched waist).

Monochrome can also be achieved by simply wearing a jacket the same colour as the dress.

Out of them all, Samantha loved the Monochrome trend the most. And she really did it so well.

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