Hey ! Your Little Black dress need not only to be reserved for the evenings!

Get out your LBD and style it for day time.

I unfortunately don’t have a photo of me wearing my LBD during the day. But I promise you I do. There are cute ways to make it a day outfit. Just avoid too much make up and too many shiny accessories. Wear your hair in an easy, relaxed style. Tone the outfit down and you can wear it as a day outfit.

Even sequins are being spotted in day time these days. The world of fashion is ours to play with. The rules of don’ts are pretty much just suggestions to colour inside the lines.

But be daring and be different and try something new. SIDE NOTE : LBD stands for little black dress. That means you don’t show up in your black ball gown that drapes on the floor as a LBD !



You are flat chested and you don’t have much of a bum. Any sexy tight LBD will work for your body type. Remember the anti – slapper rule… if the dress is a tad on the shorter side don’t show too much boob.


Choose a dress with an A-line skirt. This will balance out your body.


I suggest a plain black LBD that fits perfectly and does not look like it is going to come loose at the seams. Don’t go for the spaghetti straps and should you want to wear a sleeveless style then get a classic cut. Seams that chinch the waist will help a lot to flatter your figure. The dress should be a good quality material and well made.


A dress with some detail at the top is great for your body type. Using a belt to accentuate the waist is very flattering to your figure and the outfit.

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