A statement bag does not necessarily have to be a brand bag. It can simply be a bag that tells a story.

Carrie loved her Fendi Baguette and her Dior Saddle bag, but she also had other interesting bags that were not brands. She just got creative and made statements with her bags to complete and compliment her outfits.

Miranda was a bit more conservative and liked the bigger statement bags. Her bags usually matched her belt or shoes. Which is an old taboo rule in my opinion. It does look nice, yes and polished, but I don’t believe that this rule is set in stone.

Charlotte was a classic brand girl. Dior and Channel were among her favourites. Charlotte’s style was conservatively classy and classic. We can’t all afford Dior, but there are many bags that look similar and bring the same classic effect to your style.

Samantha was all about making statements. Her bags were as big as her dirty mouth. She really did get creative with her handbags. She played with colour tones. The same as with her outfits.

If you have a brand bag, don’t just bring it out for special occasions or when you feel it matches your shoes and belt. It is a statement bag and you can bring it out whenever you want! Don’t be afraid to buy previously owned brand bags. They might seem outdated at Fashion Week, but in our normal everyday lives they are still coveted. Don’t be afraid to get really creative with a bag, even if it is inexpensive. I bought the Frida Kahlo bag at ASOS and it was not expensive, but I love it. It’s different and fun and certainly a statement.

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