A good-girl dress is that dress that you could wear to meet your boyfriend’s parents who have a Villa on Lake Como or a house in the Hamptons.

It is the classy dress that you paid a little bit more for and never feel it is the right occasion to wear it. Today I want you find a reason to wear it.

Charlotte was the good girl among the SATC girls. Her wardrobe pretty much consisted only of good girl dresses. So there is no reason that you cannot just wake up on day 18 of the SATC Challenge and wear your good girl dress.

Rules: BIGGER ON TOP Remember your breasts should be well supported. If you go strapless the dress should be tight enough to keep your breasts up and not on your knees or under your chin or it will end up being the first thing greeting your potential future in laws. Basically imagine a corset. Tight enough to keep the girls modest and still lifted. If you can master this I would rather advise to stick with a dress that has thick enough straps so you can wear a good supportive bra. Also V neck dresses are better. And dresses with an A-skirt are best for you.

BIGGER AT THE BOTTOM A dress with more detail at the top is best for you, so as to take attention away from your bottom.

CURVY Make sure to wear a belt at the smallest part of your waist, or the dress should be chiched at your waist. Wear a dress that fits perfectly and that is not too small. Good quality material is important.

NO CURVES It’s important to accentuate your waist with a belt or some detail, so as to create the illusion of having a waist. Some dresses have padded tops. These would help a lot. Make sure the dress sits nicely, and doesn’t fall off.