I get that many of us don’t like pink as a colour to dress, but I believe that there is some shade of pink that will suit each one of us.

So for today I suggest finding that pink in your closet.

Is it a blouse or a dress or pants? Get it out and style it with the SATC style tips you have learned so far from this challenge .

Bigger on top: Don’t wear a more prominent pink at the top. If you wear an outfit that is all pink, like a dress, then make sure that there are no huge prints at the top. And remember to accentuate your waist.

Bigger at the bottom: The pink of the top part should be darker than the bottom, unless you have a dress that is all pink. In that case of course the accentuated waist is again important. No big prints at the bottom.

Curvy : Don’t go for big statement prints. Rather stick to one colour.

NO curves : your shade of pink is your oyster !

If you don’t like pink, you can add a tad of pink with an accessory like scarfs or jackets.

Accessorise your pink outfit with white or something unexpected, like a statement clutch. White or off white accessories always go well with pink.