Carrie was not one to conform. She wore crazy statement dresses. She grabbed attention with her dresses.

If that is not your thing, sit this round out!

Desigual is one of the brands where you would find those statement dresses.

It is a hard one to pull of perfectly for all body types, but again a belt or a chinced waist is a helpful tool.

For bigger on top: not too many complicated huge prints. Keep it minimal like Carrie’s fish dress. You can also go for dresses where the darker at the top colour becomes lighter or faded at the bottom.

For Bigger at the bottom: if the print is darker at the top and gets lighter at the bottom that would be perfect.

For curvy girls: make sure that you don’t wear a tent type dress that has no accentuated waist.

For girls without curves: again you can get away with a lot. Just don’t do oversized!