Oh Polka Dots! Does this classic print ever go out of fashion ? I hope not!

A polka dot print can class up an outfit for sure. Polka Dots have an effect and they suit everyone.

I prefer the smaller polka dots. I am not a fan of the bigger polka dots, but if that is your thing go for it!

For Bigger on Top girls I don’t suggest bigger polka dots at the top, but at the bottom it is okay. You want to even out your body, so it draws the eye to the bottom.

For Curvy girls I suggest smaller polka dots top and bottom.

For bigger at the bottom I would suggest a polka dot blouse rather than a whole Polka Dot outfit. You want to draw the attention to the top and not to your bottom. Bottoms should be neutral.

No Curves? Stick with a whole polka dot outfit like a polka dot dress.

Remember your belts or chinced at the waist dresses so you can accentuate your waist to create the perfect hour glass.