Crop tops can be tricky. There are some who believe that once you reach 30 you should ditch your crop tops. I am not sure I agree. I think that at any age it is just about what makes you feel comfortable. But also don’t wear something that doesn’t look tacky.

A good way to wear crop tops is to wear them with high waisted pants or skirts. This way the top is cute and cropped, but there is only a little skin showing. This is also a way to cover your tummy if you feel self-conscious about it for any reason.

If you have a flat tummy and don’t feel self-conscious, then you can really style it anyway you feel comfortable. Paperbag trousers are so in now and they go so well with crop tops. Plus they are really flattering to any body type.

If you have big breasts make sure that the top does not have too much detail and that you don’t show too much cleavage. And make sure it is either a tight supportive top or a top that you can wear a supportive bra.

For curvy girls I suggest high waisted pants, high rise jeans, and paperbag trousers. There should be just a little skin showing at the smallest part of your waist.