In the history of fashion we can see girls stealing ideas from the masculine style. At first it was a way to make political statements for women’s rights and then out of practicality during the war when woman had to go and work. Later it evolved into an authentic style in its own right. 

Coco Chanel changed the course of women’s fashion

Coco Chanel changed the course of women’s fashion in so many ways, but in particular she accelerated the growing trend towards the masculine style for women. Did you know out of modesty she did not wear a bathing suit on the beach but rather opted for sailor inspired slacks which are still in style to this day. Not in fashion, but in style… there is a difference.

Diane Keaton has been a style icon since the 70’s.

Have you seen Diane Keaton’s instagram? I have always loved her as an actress and I admired her style. Unlike Diane Keaton I can’t say that I have a particular style that is me. I like to experiment and go with trends and love “it” pieces. Sometimes I screw up. Following trends is expensive and can be tricky. Especially when you look back, right ?

But Diane Keaton has been a style icon since the 70’s. She has always had this affinity for the masculine style. And even though she has masculine style she still always looks super-feminine. She is a style icon I would pintrest to get inspiration on how to wear the masculine trend. She just always gets it right and has evolved her style through the years with trends that come and go.

We have boyfriend jeans, boyfriend shirts and Spector shoes.

Then there is the famous Yves-Saint Laurent Le Smoking that is considered the alternative to the little black dress. Bianca Jagger’s famous off white wedding suit to Mick Jagger made jaws drop. We have boyfriend jeans, boyfriend shirts and Spector shoes.

I love the masculine trend. I feel that it is a safe go-to style to look sharp and sophisticated on any girl. And we can play with it and make it fabulously interesting and our own.

Remember this when trying the Masculine style

  1. You are still a woman. Shop in the woman’s section for goodness sake!
  2. Oversized is cool, but don’t buy something that is not your size. Make sure that when you close the blazer it fits. Make sure the pants don’t fall off, even if they are baggy.
  3. Tailored – make sure that the outfit fits you. Buy the right size.
  4. Accessorise – make the outfit yours by accessorising with hats, sun glasses, belts, pearls and other jewellery, or a scarf.
  5. Soft textiles. Incorporating soft textiles like cashmere give the look a more feminine feel.
  6. Got a bigger tummy ? Avoid tight fitting tops… try oversized shirts with pleats. Embrace darker colours. Oversized blazers and high waisted slacks will also do the trick.
  7. Remember to stick to the same colour pallet.

About my outfit

When I recently came across Diane Keaton’s Instagram account I was totally inspired. I found these pants I bought spontaneously last year, and it sparked inspiration. Oversized blazer / coat is from Mango. Cashmere top is old. Vintage chain belt from Chanel. Always a good idea to invest in cult pieces and then to hang on to them. The Fendi boots you already know I sold my kidney for are getting loads of millage, as promised. I love hats and when I find such a special one like this one from Seebeger, I don’t think twice in getting it. I love that in Europe we wear hats.