It’s a season to be jolly! So wearing bling in the middle of the day is totally okay. If you get the balance right you will most certainly look fabulous and turn heads.

You can wear bling during the day

Now more than ever it is actually okay to wear bling during the day. Fashion has evolved to a place where wearing pyjamas outside is considered high fashion so don’t let the old fashioned “rule” of don’t wear bling during the day put you off.

Be brave, bling it on.

This side of Christmas is the perfect excuse to be glitzy and glamorous during day time. I find it sad that when it gets colder I tend to go for my blacks and dull down my outfits. I am really trying this year to put more colour into my winter wardrobe. The fall/winter fashion week runways were surprisingly full of colour and bling.

That said, you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. And not all of us have the talent of Allesandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, who knows exactly how to pile on the bling for daytime outfits.

Here are some tips for day time bling:

1.There is a small trick to wearing bling during the day and the rule is to dull down the effect of the bling.
For example, wearing a sequinned blazer with a old grungy t-shirt and maybe some sneakers or vintage looking boots as footwear. Tone outfits down with t-shirts, plain pullovers and casual shoes.

2.Mixing different textures brings an outfit to life.
Velvet and Satin are rich fabrics that make a winter outfit more glamorous. If you wear these during the day I would mix them with wool and jeans and then some bling accessories. Perhaps some fake fur.

3.During day time sequins and velvet or sequins and satin can be too much.

5.When you wear a statement necklace, keep the earrings minimal.

6.Try a bling sequins skirt or a metallic skirt with a t-shirt or chunky pullover and chandelier earrings and nothing more.

7.If your current location is in a warmer climate pair a sequinned skirt with a plain t-shirt and a denim jacket. Finish the look with glitzy chandelier earrings.

8.Jewelled sweaters – these are hard to take care of but are an easy way to add some bling to a casual outfit and look glamorous.

9.Jewelled shoes – wearing jewelled shoes during the day is totally okay. Pair with jeans and a casual outfit. It looks classy and gorgeous. I would stay away from any other statement accessories so that the shoes do the talking.

10.Wearing a statement bling necklace would certainly steer that plaid blouse away from being ordinary. I suggest buttoning the plaid blouse up and adding a statement bling bib.

I want to also make the following point:

Wear a nice coat when going out
I See so many girls going out these days with the most gorgeous outfits but the most dread awful coat. Invest in a luxurious warm coat for winter days. It just finishes off an outfit and adds class .

About my outfit.

This necklace is something I bought at a market years ago. I never really wear it but had a sudden urge to take it out. Those who know me know I am a pile it on girl. I love stacking and layering when it comes to accessories.
The slip dress is from Mango. The red pullover from J Crew. This bling collar genius its actually only a bib, or rather a detachable collar. I bought mine in a boutique locally.
I wore the outfit with tights and my Fendi cowboy boots. My reason for this pairing that doesn’t seem to fit is that these boots are expensive and I am going to wear them with freaking everything as promised to my husband… but not only that, these boots are such a different statement piece that even when they don’t go with everything they sort of do.
This is one of my rules for buying expensive items that are in fashion right now and may not be in 2 seasons to come. If something is so expensive, make sure it is unique and stands out so much that it is okay to wear it with everything. Okay yes if I wore this outfit at night I would most probably have gone with black ankle boots. But this is perfect and and so ugly it’s pretty. Perfect for day time Christmas Shopping. In Milan I won’t even get a second glance this look is so normal.
I also like to add when wearing cowboy boots please don’t make the mistake of going full on western. That is fashion crime. Joan Rivers would LOL in her grave. Go with more luxury fabrics like satin and velvet. Something as far from western as possible.
This faux fur coat is so luxurious. It was expensive, but I have had it for so long now that some buttons are missing. Other than the missing buttons it is still in great condition and it looks chic because it was not cheaply made.







Photos by Funky Forty