Moving away from Zara and the gang is not easy. I still love so many of their items and they have really good prices and to be honest a girl can still find some gems here. But I think we are all becoming more aware of how irresponsible these brands are when it comes to sustainability, human rights and product quality. Sustainability seems to be the new black.


I am so getting over this culture of fast fashion and the sales strategies of retailers to sell something today at full price and a few weeks later it is on sale. I find it immoral and also unfair to the consumer .

but there is a market for it…

Yes retailers could argue that there is a market for fast fashion and it is what the consumers want. Money talks.


I think the trick is to make a mental note of what you need in your wardrobe because this could curb impulse buying (of which I am also so guilty). I simply try to avoid these stores. I’m such an addict.


I can’t afford luxury items all the time. But when I do get my hands on one of the beloved brands I see it as an investment. My reasoning is that I then use the items to death. That is the thing with luxury items, you look after it better and wear it more and longer and should your taste change there is a great second hand market for luxury items.


I love many Instagram accounts for inspiration and I admire the following 4 because they are just so stylish and fun, while also promoting sustainability and being a responsible consumer.


With her beautiful blond hair and her gorgeous long legs, Jenny Ivarson could easily pass as a Bond Girl. Jenny the content creator for

@scandianstyleblog is a Scandinavian blogger now based in Switzerland.

Jenny often pulls something vintage out of her closet and advocates looking in your closet  rather than buying new things all the time. Jenny is also a brand ambassardor for selfination jeans, a sustainable jeans brand that creates Jeans made to fit each individual. 

Find out more about Selfination Jeans here : SELFINATION JEANS

PS. Here is a voucher code for -25CHF off use code SNxJ. 


My Vegan Lifestyle goes well with my believe that a sustainable lifestyle is the future

The first time I met quirky Sara, content creator for @Sarahisinlovewith, and also a Swiss based blogger, I was left speechless by her uniqueness. Here this happy, friendly girl with pink hair was standing chatting to me and I felt as if I was staring at a unicorn. This is how special she is. Sara is an ambassador for fashion revolution. She is passionately vocal about consumerism. Sara will be the first to admit that she is not a 100% fair fashion blogger but she believes that it starts with small changes. She believes we should keep brands responsible regarding their production.

You can get more info on fashion revolution here


“To be honest I truly believe a little fast fashion is almost a necessary evil in order to keep an up to date wardrobe. The key is in keeping these pieces to a minimum.”

I really admire Yvonne, content creator of Funky Forty. Yvonne is from New Zealand but now lives in Zurich. What I notice on Yvonne’s blog and insta is that her outfits hardly ever have Zara or Mango pieces. Yet her outfits are always fun, fresh and current. I always look at her outfits and think to myself “now why didn’t I think of that ?” Her looks are easy to copy and she can style a gorgeous dress to work from a day outfit to a night outfit.

“To be honest I truly believe a little fast fashion is almost a necessary evil in order to keep an up to date wardrobe. The key is in keeping these pieces to a minimum. Ensuring that one buys at least one fabulous, expensive piece each season – these then accumulate to make up a fabulous wardrobe all round. The next tip is creativity and guts. Have the guts to change your old expensive pieces into the newest trend. This way they last longer and you remain fashionable whilst still cutting down on fast fashion.”
About Yvonne’s outfit
These shorts are 10 years old from a favourite NZ local designer Zambesi. The top was bought last November in Singapore – locally produced there.


The Ironic Lux person goes a step further than “I want something to put on.” Ironic Lux patterns swear by grace and intelligence, and it’s already known that intelligence looks good on anyone and goes well with everything. This is why Ironic Lux’s motto is “To be ironic is the New Luxury”.

I am fascinated by Nahia de Valle’s Instagram. She makes a chic outfit look so fun and current. Nahia de Valle is the content creator of @ironic_girl and designer of Ironic lux t shirts. Nahia is from Bilbao and her headquaters are based in Madrid.  She is a stunningly beautiful, fun & stylish lady we can all aspire to be like.

Her T-shirt designs were an idea born from wanting to be different, but at the same time  responsible consumers. The designs are classic and fun with a great sense of humour. Ironic Lux are committed to bringing the best quality to their consumers and also to ensure fair trade. The brand prides itself in keeping responsible by working with EUROPEAN suppliers who have excellent ratings on their products, on the environment and labor conditions for their employees.

Here I include a few picture of her designs. You can go on her WEBSITE to order your own funky T shirt. ORDER HERE IRONIC-LUX

TIP : These T-shirts also make great gifts !

As for me

In the beginning of the year I walked into a PRIMARK store in Berlin. It was my first PRIMARK experience, but I have heard of the brand’s reputation of abusing human rights, among other things. I honestly felt sick in the store.

What I decided was to slowly try to move away from these stores and brands that are not even trying to be more sustainable. Irresponsible retailers that just ignore the issue.

How does one slowly move away?

I still get caught in the trap of buying from these brands or retailers but what I try to do then is to at least  mix the “misbehaving” brand item with a sustainable brand item so that the whole doesn’t scream what a hypocrite I am.

Also I am vegetarian and, well maybe if I can give up wine and cheese I could become Vegan. But that is going to be a problem. 

about my outfit

This is an example of how I try to mix sustainable items, “misbehaving brands” and luxury items in an outfit .

T-shirt is from Ironic luxe. These ironic luxe t -shirts make perfect fashion sense to dress casual but interesting. I mixed the T-shirt with some really summery and stripy pants from the current ZARA collection. You have often seen my belt bag from Tory Burch. This is a perfect example of a luxury item that I have had for years and still use all the time. I often get asked where to buy this bag and I’m like go to 2011 because that’s where I bought it.  Shoes I bought this summer, so they are newbies from Givenchy. Gorgeous, good quality, comfortable shoes and for sure the type of item I could wear for many summers to come.

We judge people who litter, we snub people who use straws, but what about fast fashion . . . aren’t we just as guilty ?

I leave you with a very true and wise quote from Vivvienne Westwood

“Buy less, choose well, make it last. Quality not quantity”